keKit 0.2 180126 - Collection of some of my fire & forget scripts, more or less niche case uses. (the best kind!)


Kit install: Open user content folder (available in modo menu) and extract to plugin folder. See kit install video.

Tested on modo10 & 11 - some scripts will probably not work on older versions.


NOTE: If you already have any of these scripts installed separately - You need to remove those to avoid conflicts with the kit.


You may ofc DL the kit and just use scripts separately (functionality not guaranteed tho.)For loose scripts: Place the .py (and if included, .cfg) files in user scripts / config - unless otherwise noted. (Helpful tutorial here ).

Most scripts have info (instructions & argument options etc) in the top of the .py file: Just open them in a text editor.


Update 0.2 - Speed improvements: Nailgun (Major), QuickPaste (minor), also added the slots to Nailgun, finally. new script "placeItemThere"

Update 0.15 - Added Rot2GroundCenter, offsetWP2sel, RotWPy90 + pie menu update.


(To update: Overwrite old kit!)





Download by clicking banner:




Script specific info / videos: (Selection, not exhaustive list)

ke_prim v2.1



Simple script that fits/aligns the work plane contextually and activates your primitive tool of choice:


Nothing selected = Default primitve tool, at current scene work plane.

Element selected = Aligns workplane to selection and fires set primitive tool.

Mouse over = Aligns workplane to (unselected) element under the mouse cursor and fires set primitive tool.


2.1 Update : Added "unit" argument - replaces CTRL-clicking for unit prim at 0,0,0 +does not reset settings (seg/sides etc) for cylinder, sphere and cone tool!


Complementary Macro : ke_tooldrop - to reset work plane when you are done and drop the tool, you can map this to 'Q' or what not. See video HERE.


Note :The Macro is included in the kit.

ke_fitprim v2.43



Creates unit size (+length fitting modes) primitives based on different types of selection. First selected "island" is intended prim pos/size.


- Uses modos built in primitive tool for prim settings/creation.

- User argument overrides available for sides and segments values

- Multiple item support (only processes first two items) --> Item Selection order is important <-- First item selections always first island.

- Basic symmetry support (world axis ONLY - does not support item transform compensation or workplane symmetry)



2.43 : Default to poly from item mode, Unitconversion fixes

2.41 : Added unit conversion (All SI & Imperial units + Game Units)

2.3 : No-Select symmetry fix

2.1 : Fixed item transform compensation issue (from vert position type)

ke_xthick v1.0



Extracts selected polygons and thickens them - automatically setting the shifted distance to the shortest edge length OR

sets shift to the distance to the second selection island (via point to plane calculation).

Selection order important - first island is the intended operation, second is distance.

With multiple items selected, order is important : first mesh is op, second is distance.


NOTE : Symmetry is not supported. it will restore symmetry to avoid dupe polys, but selection treated as above (if islands)

Work plane will be retained also.

ke_stepscale v3.0



Doubles or halves size - When scaletool is active.


Doubles by default. add "half" as argument to half size selection: " half"

(will not keep element scale values - always at 100% in tool)


Suggest mapping contextual hotkey to "transform" tool (weirdly same mapping for scaling - will only work when scale tool is active still)

Note: if mapped to mouse btns = modo jankiness -> req perfectly still mouse...

No Video.

ke_bbox v1.0



Makes a bbox. Everyone has to make one of these scripts, right? More like a reminder that I really want a convex hull script (not sure I want to/can make one tho)


Three Macros



Selectngons, weightngons & selectbetween:


A few simple macros for quicker selections: Select all connected ngons -> a version that also applies edge weighting.

Also, a useful macro to 'select between' a little easier.


EDIT: It seems this type of 'select between' is already standard in Modo (at least in 11.2, I have no idea when it was introduced (9?), had this macro since the age of the dinosaurs...) So, You dont need it - just hit SHIFT-RMB....doh.

ke_QuickTube 1.3



Makes pipes along element selections (using tube tool):


VERTS (in selected order),

EDGES (in any order - crossing loops will cause random directions), and POLYGON faces (makes a border edge selection)

(at least 2 verts, 1 edge or 1 face. vert mode only makes one tube.)


Edge loops ,if continous, are CLOSED unless using the scale argument, leaving uncontinous loops OPEN.

By default it uses the values from the TubeTool for sides,segments and radius.


Symmetry is turned off during operation and turned on again afterwards if on.

Workplane placement will be retained after operation.


MouseMirror 1.0 & MouseFlip 1.0




Mirrors selected mesh (select edges or polys) towards mouse pointer locally - meaning next to the bounding box (on relevant axis, as indicated by axis gizmo down left)



Flips your selected & connected polygons based on the mouse pointer position in relation to your selection and your viewport orientation:



Basic world axis symmetry support.

Option: Fit workplane beforehand for custom angles. (mouse placement not important)

Tip: dont place mouspoint *too* close to selection, pref a bit outside selection bbox.


Known issue: If you undo, the WP might be locked to preferred angle: Just reset wp to unlock.



Nailgun 0.91 & QuickPaste 1.1




0.91 - Workflow improvements (repositions when selecting instanced items now)

0.5 - Major speed improvement, added the slots!

Instances "loaded" item to where you point the mouse (on *any* mesh item - *except instances*)



1.1 - Minor speed improvement, no longer uses Paste.Tool, removed "fit" opt.

Select POLYS to copy and point your mouse at intended target poly to align to.

Source polys should be oriented "straight up" in Y axis. Option: Set WP beforehand for specific wp-placement.

wpUnrotate 1.0



Aligns element selection straightens/unrotates with position + 'unrotation' (rotation resets) from aligned workplane


Usage :

1. Fit Workplane to where you want the 'bottom'

2. Select any elements. Connected elements will be selected, so no need to select all.


Note : Workplane Y axis should point 'outwards'..

Itemize 1.0



Turns element selection to a new item with position and rotation from aligned workplane.


Usage :

1. Fit Workplane to where you want the 'bottom' of your new item.

2. Pick EDGES or POLYGONS that will be itemized. Connected mesh will be selected, so no need to select all.

3. The FIRST vertex selection = CENTER offset position (where your center POSITION will be) instead of workplane center.

(Verts will thus also be checked in EDGE/POLY mode, so keep vert selections empty unless you want an offset center.)


argument : dupe - Makes new item. if you prefer to keep the original geo too.


Note : Workplane Y axis should point 'outwards'.

Rot2GroundCenter 1.0

offsetWP2sel 1.0 ( and RotWPy90 )




Rotate to ground and center - "Bottom" determined from first selected poly (or pre-fitted Workplane). Select additional polys to be included. (Script will use select.connect, so no need select all connected polys.)

Option: Select one vert to offset centered placement (origo position) *** Make sure no verts are selected if you dont want this ***



Offsets an active work plane to the average position of any element(s) selected.


RotWPy90 - Rotates active wp along Y (to re-orient X & Z directions)

placeItem(There) 1.0




Places & rotates selected ITEM (any type with a transform) to another mesh surface at mouse position. Or fitted WP, if active.

(With options for duplication or instancing)


The "general purpose" version of Nailgun, you could say. (without slots and workflow specifics)

No Video.