Rise of the Dragon 3D 

A fan art project that started out as Modo off-line render project and ended up as realtime Unreal 4 project.

Rise of the Dragon was one of those games that really had an impact on me as a kid. I always wanted to do a game in this genre, and this is probably as close as  I'm getting. The project was also me starting to play around with Blueprints and scripting, as well as particles and sound. etc.

ROTD3D  was never going to be a complete remaster of the original, so the features are a bit limited from the original, though done in slightly more modern way.

I was going to do an inventory system and video messages too, but the feature creep was already getting a bit much for me.


Tools used: Modo, PS and Unreal 4.  No textures above 2k were used. No props were baked,  except the bed. No lods. Entire scene: ~380k tris.

Known issues:  - When inspecting items I could not control the Post Processing (hangs the editor, known bug) Work around: Inspect further away from the lamp..

  - The computer had some glitches, "should work" now.  (mouse still does nothing, hit F to exit)

Click banner to download ROTD3D stand alone executable (Windows Vista or newer, 32 bit. )

Comparison Screenshots:

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Walkthrough Video:

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