Space Quest III 3D 


This project is now "open-sourced" !  I'm sharing the entire UE4 project file. It is up to you now!

You may continue the project, remake it, or do whatever you wish. Just gimme credit in whatever results ;)

Be aware:  As-is. Links may be broken, source files are probably missing. Sound files may need copyright.

----> There will be no support, please dont ask.

Project Files gdrive share link HERE

A fan art Unreal 4 project.

Another game that made an impact on me as a kid.. I also wanted to explore a little more cartoony style and colorful palette. As close the the (let´s say "striking") original EGA palette I could. I feel the direction I went with would fit really well for a modern version of SQ3. I focused mostly on the env art, and exporing Unreal 4, learning how to put things together by just using Blueprints.

I only wanted to cover the first area, with just a little interactivity, and of course, a few deaths. (hint: There are two.)

Also, If you didn´t know, the original creators of SQ3 are making a new game - Please go support them here!

Additional sound fx credits: www.freesfx.co.uk, Frankles video box.


Tools used: Modo, Photoshop and Unreal 4. My phone (recording some sounds).  All but one (4k) material are 2k. Mostly masked tiled materials, 1 or 2 baked normalmap props, No lods.

Known issues:  Some camera clipping can be expected.

Sucky animations - I just retargeted the example UE4 anims on my character setup, which turned out crappy, but somewhat funny, so I just left it there ;>

Click banner to download SQ33D stand alone executable  (334 MB ZIP. Windows Vista or newer, 32 bit. )


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Walkthrough Video:

© Copyright Kjell Emanuelsson / Original ROTD IP Dynamix/Sierra/Activision