keKIT [Blender]

Version 2.020   2022-11-13 ISO8601
Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson - Blender GNU General Public License [GPLv3]
Note: Only the current stable public release is supported.
Older (2.8+) versions and Alpha/Beta versions might work but are not supported.

General Tool-Kit Add-On for Blender

keKit is a Blender Add-on that provides extensive options for customizing & optimizing workflows.

• The add-on contains dozens & dozens of scripts; tools, macros and pie-menus etc. in an all-in-one collection.
• Modular : The kit is composed of separate modules that can be enabled or disabled.
• At your discretion: Use what you want - the rest will be there when you need them!

Full Documentation: WIKI
+ Most recent updates are in the Release Notes below
+ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Donation-ware: If you find use for it, consider donating!

--- DOWNLOAD ---

Download on Gumroad


Clean/First Installation
Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. Do not extract zip-file.

Updating Existing Installation
To avoid shortcut-issues when upgrading keKit - follow these instructions exactly:

• Close blender.
• Manually delete kekit folder in the user addons folder. You can find your user path in add-on prefs; here.
• Unzip kekit folder from downloaded zip (to where you just deleted the old folder, replacing it.)
• Restart blender.

Kit Prefs
Between Blender version installs, or different computers etc, you can transfer the keKit prefs file from the user config folder. The keKit prefs file does NOT contain shortcuts, only keKit properties.

Usage Instructions
The kit will appear in the 3d viewport tabs.
Mouse-hover over each script in the keKit panels for tool-tip pop-ups.
Click with right mouse button for shortcut assignment:
No keKit-default shortcuts are preset - you manage your own shortcuts.

Known Issues
keKit is incompatible with 'Simple Tabs' (and probably all other tab-managment add-ons): add keKit to "exclude" feature in simple tabs prefs.

--- LINKS ---

keKit demos & other videos on YouTube

Public feedback & discussion at BlenderArtists


Unrotator (Upd/Fix)
• Added "Randomize Z rotation duplicate" option VIDEO
• Changed "Center on Face" Modal Shortcut to SHIFT-LMB (from ESC) as seen the video above
• Added Modal Shortcut info in the status bar (also seen in the video above)
• (Object Mode) Fixed so you can place duplicates on the source object as well

Nice Project (Upd)
• Added "Use All Edges" option in Edit & Object Mode, which will treat all edges as boundary edges VIDEO
• Object Mode cutters with no boundary edges will automatically switch to "Use All Edges" mode, as seen in the video above.

Offset Edges VN (NEW)
• Extrudes (or offsets/duplicates) selected edges along the vertex normals, exactly. That is all. VIDEO

Cursor Ortho Snap (NEW)
• Snap-Aligns the Cursor Z-axis to the nearest world (ortho) axis, relative to the viewport camera.
Found in the Cursor Menu: IMAGE

Extra Outliner Buttons (NEW)
• Added (Add-on Preferences) option to show extra buttons
(because sometimes I prefer buttons to shortcuts or nested RMB context menus)
  · Show Active
  · Show One Level
  · Hide One Level
  · Found in the Outliner header: VIDEO
  · Note: Not enabled by default.

Context Connect (Upd)
• Changed "Knife Mode" vertex mode activation conditions:
  · No verts selected (as before)
  · 1 vert selected
  · 2 already connected verts selected (an "edge" in vert mode)

ke Overlay Pie-Menu (Upd)
• Added Edge Lengths display option

Orientation & Pivot Combos (Upd)
• Added missing info-icon tool tip for OPC in the bookmarks panel

Mouse Mirror / Flip (Fix)
• Restored Local Orientation behaviour
• Fixed deprecated api argument errors

Ground Or Center (Upd)
• Added option to group items (treat as single obj) VIDEO

ZeroScale (Fix)
• Restored ZeroScale To Cursor behaviour VIDEO
• Fixed deprecated api argument errors

Cursor Menu (Upd)
• Added Cursor Bookmarks to Cursor Menu for easy access

Context Select (Upd)
• Added option toggle for vertex mode border select / connected select behaviour

FitPrim (Fix)
• Fixed (rare) Not linked to scene collection assignment error

BridgeOrFill (Fix)
• Fixed corner fill - now makes triangle face in corner (border) edge selection

SubDPie Mirror Ops (Fix)
• Mirror object can now be set for multiple mirror modifiers

ContextConnect (Fix)
• Face split direction fixed (splits single face depending on mouse position)

TripleSpin (Fix)
• Error message fix: Simple notification if invalid edges are selected

FitPrim Pie Menus (Fix)
• UI scale floating point conversion issue fixed. May have affected placements.

TT - VP Tools (Fix)
• Fixed local mode axis error

keKit Cursor Menu (Upd)
• Added Reset Cursor (at bottom, just to be complete (resets both loc & rot)

Unbevel v3 (New, Upd)
• Added face selection mode : Select unconnected "bevel face loops" to unbevel. VIDEO
• Added Auto Ring Select toggle in redo panel as well
• Edge mode & Rebevel options (in redo panel) still available
• Fixed bugs

SubD Pie Menu (New, Upd)
• Added Vertex Groups quick managment access in the pie menu
• Added Vertex Groups bevel modifier preset.
    (Not very useful yet, waiting for "attribute group" support -> edge groups, useful for bevels)
• Also added auto sorting for Normal Weighting modifier (always placed last, when using SubD Pie operators)
• Added "Symmetry" (bisect) Mirror Modifier presets.

FitPrim (Fix)
• Box mode now creates UV maps (stacked & centered, in relative size)

Cursor Fit & Align (Fix?)
• When used on models with non-applied scale, the results will probably be wrong. Just added a warning for now.

keKit Cursor Menu (New)
• Manipulate the Cursor rotation from a custom 3D-Cursor Menu in the vieport header: IMAGE
• Unfortunately there is no (reliable) method of inserting it directly before the Orientations menu,
    where it really belongs.
• Align To View
• Local Cursor Axis Step/Snap Rotation via preset step or custom step value
• Align towards an object selected in menu
• Match rotation of the object
• Direct access to Cursor Location & Rotation
    Dupe of View/3D Cursor menu, for ease of access in one place + clear buttons
• Snap To items (as in the pie menu)

SubD Tools (Upd)
• AutoSmooth Option added (relevant when using SubD Toggle):
  ON:Autosmooth is turned off by toggle when subd is on - and vice versa
  OFF:Autosmooth is not changed by toggle

Cursor Fit & Align (Fix/Upd)
• Wrong transform (location, rotation) when used on parented objects fixed
• New Mode:
  3+ selected objects uses active (or last in selection sorted by name if no active) for rotation,
with averaged location as before.

--- BACK LOG ---

Complete Update Back-log

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