keKit 2.015 22-08-19

Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson, Blender GNU license etc. Almost PEP8 complient.

A collection of my scripts for Blender 3.0+

Note: Only the current stable public release is supported, but might (mostly) work on older 2.8+ versions.

Documentation: WIKI 

+ Release Notes below

Clean/First Installation:

  • Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. Do not extract zip-file.


To avoid shortcut-issues when upgrading keKit - follow these instructions exactly

  • Close blender.
  • Manually delete kekit folder in the user addons folder. You can find your user path in add-on prefs, here
  • Unzip kekit folder from downloaded zip (to where you just deleted the old one.)
  • Restart blender.

Kit Prefs:

  • Between Blender version installs, you can transfer the keKit prefs file from the user config folder (prefs location since kit v2.0)
  • The keKit prefs file does NOT contain shortcuts, only keKit properties.

Usage Instructions:

  • The kit will appear in the 3d viewport tabs.
  • Mouse-hover over each script in the keKit panels for tool-tip pop-ups.
  • Click with right mouse button for shortcut assignment: No keKit-default shortcuts are preset - you manage your own shortcuts.

Known Issues:

  • keKit is incompatible with 'Simple Tabs' (and probably all other tab-managment add-ons) - add keKit to exclude feature in simple tabs prefs.

Also: FAQ

keKit Public Feedback & Discussions here:

Other Resources:


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Release Notes:

Update 2.015

TT - VP Tools (Fix):

    • Fixed local mode axis error

keKit Cursor Menu (Upd):

    • Added Reset Cursor (at bottom, just to be complete (resets both loc & rot)

Update 2.014

Unbevel v3 (New, Update):

    • Added face selection mode : Select unconnected "bevel face loops" to unbevel. VIDEO
    • Added Auto Ring Select toggle in redo panel as well
    • Edge mode & Rebevel options (in redo panel) still available
    • Fixed bugs 

SubD Pie Menu (New, Update):

    • Added Vertex Groups quick managment access in the pie menu
    • Added Vertex Groups bevel modifier preset . This is not very useful yet, as we still wait for "attribute group" support (=edge groups, which would be useful for bevels).
    • Also added auto sorting for Normal Weighting modifier (always placed last, when using SubD Pie operators)
    • Added "Symmetry" (bisect) Mirror Modifier presets.

FirPrim (Fix):

    • Box mode now creates UV maps (stacked & centered, in relative size)

Cursor Fit & Align (Fix?):

    • When used on models with non-applied scale, the results will probably be wrong. Just added a warning for now. 

Update 2.013

keKit Cursor Menu (NEW):

    • Manipulate the Cursor rotation from a custom 3D-Cursor Menu in the vieport header:  IMAGE
      • Unfortunately there is no (reliable) method of inserting it directly before the Orientations menu, where it really belongs.
      • Align To View
      • Local Cursor Axis Step/Snap Rotation via preset step or custom step value
      • Align towards an object selected in menu 
      • Match rotation of the object
      • Direct access to Cursor Location & Rotation (dupe of View/3D Cursor menu, for ease of access in one place) + clear buttons
      • Snap To items (as in the pie menu) 

SubD Tools (Upd):

    • AutoSmooth Option added (relevant when using SubD Toggle):

      ON:Autosmooth is turned off by toggle when subd is on - and vice versa
      OFF:Autosmooth is not changed by toggle

Cursor Fit & Align (Fix/Upd):

    • Wrong transform (location, rotation) when used on parented objects fixed
    • New Mode:
      • 3+ selected objects uses active (or random (=last in selection sorted by name) if no active in selection) for rotation, with averaged location as before.

    Update 2.012

    Cursor Rotation (NEW):

      • Manipulate the Cursor rotation (in the redo-panel) in various ways (KeKit Selection Module Panel):
        • Local Axis Step/Snap Rotation via preset steps (or custom step value)
        • Align To View
        • Align towards an object selected in menu (oddly enough enum only works reliably in Edit Mode...)
        • Match rotation of the object
        • Direct access to Cursor Rotation (dupe of View/3D Cursor menu, for ease of acces in one place)
          • Future: Might just migrate all this to that menu instead of an operator. TBD.

    Prefs: TT Tools Viewport Icons (Upd):

      • Placement is now user choice (in add-on prefs): Toolbar Left, Center (Right of Toolbar Menus) or Right. Or not at all.

    Context Select (Upd):

      • Added Hierarchy select in Object Mode (either full hierarchy or children only via option toggle)
      • Also works with Context Select Extend & Contract.

    KeMaterials Pie Menu (Fix):

      • Error caused by Material Utils when no preview icon is found. Creating new materials will now make sure the properties material tab is open for it to auto-generate.

    FitPrim (Fix):

      • Make prim in space (ground plane not hit) bug fixed

    Update 2.011

    Linear Array (Fix/Upd):

      • Added Gpencil Object support
      • Fixed Context Mode Poll error msg

    Cursor Fit & Align (Upd):

      • Added Gpencil & Curve Edit Mode support

    Context Tools - Extrude/Dissolve/Delete (Upd):

      • Added Gpencil & Curve Edit Mode support. Note: Shortcuts for these modes must be assigned manually (*not* RMB assign)

    Align View To Cursor (Fix):

      • No longer requires Cursor Fit & Align to work reliably: Will always align view to cursor Z-axis.

    Update 2.010

    FitPrim (Fix):

      • Added Context object poll (object now required to at least be in context)
      • Pie Menu Invoke-Event bug fix/workaround. Rare bug (?) that makes the op loose the ability to read invoke-event data > in these cases an average object location will be used for mouse position. Might be platform specific (Linux). If it does not occur for you, everything will work as before.

    Update 2.009

    Nice Project 1.1 (Upd)

      • Changed object mode behaviour: Active Object is now cutter & all other (visible) mesh objects are potential targets.
      • (tip: use "hide unselected" or similar,  to ignore irrelevant objects in complex scenes)
      • New VIDEO


      • Known issue: FitPrim Pie Menu objects offset no longer works reliably. I have disabled the offset, so it is less dramatic ( but still wrong). Will revisit at some point. 
      • Cleaned up more redundant files (kit is smaller in kb. yay.)

    Update 2.008

    Nice Project (NEW)

      • Knife Project, but nice.   VIDEO
        • Edit mode: Element selection as cutter
        • Object mode: 2 objects selected, cutter object last.
        • Knife Project mode: Edit mode + object mode selection in outliner as cutter, also included. For some reason.

    Direct Loop Cut (Fix)

      • Auto-pick error when not in edge mode with no selection fixed

    TT / Mouse Move (Fix, Upd)

      • Normal Orientation in Edit Mode now works (again?) whoops.
      • Now automatically switches to Local O. from Normal O. if you are in Object mode instead of throwing error msg.

    TT / VP Move (Fix.ish.)

      • Now uses Local Orientation if you are in Normal Orientation, even in Edit Mode, for now.

    Update 2.007

    Focus Mode / Super Focus Mode (Fix)

      • Auto-complete over-helpful bug. Now works again in v2.

    Zero Local (Fix)

      • Also ignores (does not store) Location if all zero now.

    Update 2.006

    Zero Local (NEW)

      • Temporarily stores & zeroes Loc+Rot & sets Local Mode. Run ZeroLocal again to exit Local Mode & restore rotation
      • Variant: Zero Local R: Rotation only
      • In Main Module

    Unhide or Local (Upd)

      • Moved to Main Module
      • Made compatible with Zero Local

    FitPrim Add Menu (Upd)

      • Object Mode Mesh Menu pre-expanded for quicker access.

    Quick Measure (Upd, Fix)

      • Object Mode Speed Improvement, by 10-6,000% (actually usable on heavy objects now ;)
      • Vertex mode "Clear" selection feature fixed (now works again, using 'C' key)
      • "Space Click" to clear line removed, does not actually clear (for now)

    Get & Set Edit Mode (Fix)

      • No context object error fixed

    Get & Set Material (Fix)

      • No selected object error fix

    ID Materials (Fix)

      • Due to some recent blender change was incompatible with Material Utils (used in keKit pie menu). Fixed.

    Update 2.005

    • Align View (Selected) - Fixed toggle property bug (ke_vtoggle missing)

    Update 2.004

    • Fixed version update overlap & formatting issues in main panel header

    Update 2.003

    • Orientation & Pivot Combos is now included in the Bookmarks Module (and not a separate panel / module)
    • Fixed Add-On preferences ui alignment issues
    • Removed more old (unused) files

    Update 2.002

    Main Kit Changes:

      • Entire kit rewritten
        • But not the operators -> Same shortcuts! (except Select Invert, see below)
      • The kit is now modular
        • Enable/Disable which ever module you need (in addon-prefs)!
      • keKit Prefs location path changed to ‘Config’ (where your userprefs file is) 
        • When upgrading from 1.48, it will look in the old scripts dir to auto-update: The old settings will be loaded and a new file will be saved in Config, and the old one will not be used anymore)
      • Keymap Export/Import has been removed (Indefinitely)
      • Added some Custom Icons! (In pie-menus: Orient & Pivot Combos, Snapping Combos, View & Cursor Bookmarks. See below.)


      • New Unbevel
        • You only need to select the edges on the actual bevel now, like this.  Now also has Rebevel in redo panel. Auto-ring option will run Edge Ring Selection for you before unbevel.
      • Local by Distance
        • Include/Exclude objects in local mode from selection by distance. VIDEO

      • New Clean-up Tools
        • Near total rewrite
        • Select Only mode added
        • Find Tiny-edges. Set minimum edge length value. (Select only, even in clean (dissolve & delete) mode.

      • Ground or center
        • Ignore selection collision option added (selected objects will not collide with each other)

      • Select invert
        • Added Object Mode feature: Will now invert-select in object mode. Note: Operator change (now ‘view3d’)

      • Updated OPC & Snapping Pie Menus
        • 2 additional opc combo slots (6 Slots)
        • 2 additional snap combo slots (6 Slots)

      • Snapping combos Auto-OnOption
        • Added auto-on snapping mode option. toggle in panel or pie menu.

      • FitPrim bug fix
        • cylinder segment drops to 3 bug fixed

    Release Notes Backlog: HERE


    keKit for Blender FAQ

    Q:  "What is it?" 

    A:  The kit is a collection of my scripts for Blender 2.8+.  For people only used to the Blender ecosystem, or new to these things in general; a "script" is equivalent to a single-purpose add-on, more or less, and the "kit" is a collection of these. An add-on with lots of add-ons, if that helps.

    Q: "But what does everything do? Where is the documentation?"

    A:  WIKI 

    Q: "Why are you making it?"

    The primary purpose, for me, is to optimze my workflow (a lot of "click-reduction") whilst also exploring add-on development for Blender, and doing it the way I like it. I don't focus too much on modifier-workflows, as there are already a lot of add-ons that are more focused on those areas (like Hardops, Fluent, Speedflow etc.)

    Q: "Did you know this or that add-on has a similar feature?"

    I do try to just look for other existing add-ons to use at first. Sometimes succesfully, but, sometimes it is not really what I want and I just do my own thing - Usually because the alternative is not exactly right or too complex / clicky (for me).

    And sometimes I just dont find existing add-ons that might have sufficed. Such is life. 

    Q: "Why is it free/donation ware?"  (ok I added this, no one ever asked ;> )

    I'm mostly doing it for myself, but it is nice to see other people finding what you do useful. It is not a commercial project for me and to be honest, I do not want to be beholden to "customers" for the kit. That said, I do appreciate every donation I recieve - it does give me a little extra motivation.