keKit 1.285 20-02-22    ( Tip: Hit F5 to make sure the page is up2date...)

A collection of my scripts for Blender.

Installation: Do not extract zip folder: Install zip file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender.

Instructions: The kit will appear in the 3d viewport tabs. Mouse-hover over each script in the kit in Blender for tool-tip pop-ups and hotkey assignment. (No keKit-default hotkeys are set - you get to manage hotkeys yourself!)

How do I Update?: 1. Uninstall the old kit.  2. Install new kit  (zip) 

(Optional: 3. Between Blender versions, you can transfer the prefs file from the user scripts folder (prefs location since 1.28)

Extra Tips: Modo-style paint select setup. Check out here.

(FAQ below - wip )


Download here (or click the banner above...)

Note: Gumroad links - Dont worry, no need to pay me if you dont want to! ;) 

Update 1.285 - Added MouseFlip & MouseMirror v1.0 - Flips or mirrors selection relative to mouse position. Note:Object mode is a bit wip, esp. cursor mode.

                         Functions like the Modo versions, but with Active Element & cursor options instead of Workplane. See old video here.  Blender video TBD.

                         Also Added SpaceToggle. Toggle Edit & Object mode when mouse is over nothing.  (intended for dual mapping on mouse button mapping)

Update 1.281 - Merge to Mouse -  "Merge-To" Edge Mode added. Video here.

Update 1.28 -  Prefs file now placed in "Scripts" folder for easier updates (no need to backup prefs each kit update, only for Blender versions)

                        Probably works better with non-standard add-on paths too. (untested)

                        Merge to Mouse - When in edge mode now runs the (blender default) edge collapse (merge) tool. For now...

Update 1.271 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - Really Fixed. Hopefully for the last time now, should not crash anymore.

Update 1.26 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - More Fixed. (Bmesh bug should be good now...edit: Nope!)

Update 1.25 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - Fixed. Now slices both directions, and works when start edge is on boundary edges.

Update 1.24 - Added Direct Loop Cut (& Slide). Added new Preferences system. Added new Orientation & Pivot Combo Operators. Better menu context display.

                       And some bugfixes; Itemize should not get stuck on copy, View Fit works better, and other things I forgot. 

                       Again, some hotkeys may need redoing then, sorry about that ;)    Video update on youtube-channel.

Update 1.23  - Added Spheres & Object modes to FitPrim. Note: I changed operator context, so any hotkeys will be void and needs to be re-applied. Sorry about that.                            Also - Added F2 mode to Bridge or Fill (mouse-over instructions). Could be a suitable F hotkey replacement now? Maybe. 

                        New script: Frame All or Selected  (mouse-over instructions) Video update on youtube-channel.

Update 1.22  - First bugfix! ;>  Get&Set Material issue where a material is not properly linked, so the setting was lost at blender reload. Now fixed!

Update 1.21  - First public release. A lot of focus on contextual scripts ( double-click edge-loops and selections, bevel tool by type etc)

                       Most scripts are pretty self explanatory - mouse hover over the menu for instructions.

                       Video demonstration of the more complex scripts here: