keKit 1.465 22-01-18

A collection of my scripts for Blender 3.0+

Note: Only the current stable public release is supported, but might (mostly) work on older post 2.8 versions.

Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson, Blender GNU license etc. Not very PEP8 complient .

Feature documentation: WIKI 

+ Latest relase notes below 

Clean/First Installation:

  • Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. Do not extract zip-file. Restart blender.


  • Close blender. Manually unzip and overwrite the kekit folder in the user addons folder. Restart blender.

- You can find your user path in add-on prefs, here

  • Alternatively, if you must remove/re-install the kit, export your keyconfig first, and re-import after install, to retain shortcut options (enums).

            Using 'remove' in prefs/add-ons and re-installing will default shortcut options (enums) unless you export/import keyconfig.

Like when you are migrating installs.Some updates might require proper install (not lately)

Kit Prefs: Between Blender version installs, you can transfer the prefs file from the user scripts folder (prefs location since kit v1.28) This does NOT contain hotkeys.

Usage Instructions:

The kit will appear in the 3d viewport tabs. Mouse-hover over each script in the kit in Blender for tool-tip pop-ups. Click with right mouse button for hotkey assignment: No keKit-default hotkeys are set - you get to manage hotkeys yourself.

Also: FAQ

Other Resources:

    • keKit Public feedback & discussions here.


Download kit here (or click the banner above...)

Note: Gumroad links - Dont worry, no need to pay me if you dont want to! ;) 


Latest Release Notes:

Update 1.465

Context Connect (Upd, NEW)

      • Added redo-panel input for nr. of cuts, evenly spaced. For edge bevel-type spacing, leave at 1 cut & just use Edge Bevel (or Context Bevel).
      • Added Square Corners (toggle in redo-panel) for face-mode selections. 
      • Quick Feature Overview VIDEO

Update 1.464

Get&Set Material (Fix)

      • Fixed error when assigning material

Update 1.463

HUD Scaling Support (NEW)

      • keKit modal operators with GUI will now scale using the UI scale value in Blender Preferences to better support 4K+ 
      • Implemented for FitPrim, Linear & Radial Array

Context Connect (NEW, upd)

      • The operator formerly known as "Maya Connect". NOTE: The old operator is not removed (yet) but now just a notice to change your shortcut!.
      • Add No Selection = Knife Tool mode

TT Dupe - Forced Variants (NEW, Upd)

      • Two new enums for TT Tools:  Forced Dupe & Forced Linked Dupe.  These will override the toggle value.
      • Available as two icon buttons in Context Tools/TT Tools (next to the Toggle button) intended for shortcut use

TT Modes (Fix)

      • You should now be able to directly assign shortcuts to each mode (again?) (with their inaccurately named enums)

Merge To Mouse (Fix)

      • Will now merge more than two edges (and somewhat improved triangulation handling)

Release Notes Backlog:

Update 1.462

Frame All or Selected

      • (FINAL) Now works in any division of workspaces, including quad view, even in side-panel regions. 

Update 1.461

keKit Addon-prefs Keymap Export (Fix)

      • Fixed export (3.0?) error
      • Added Solo Cutter operators to export

Multi Cut (Fix)

      • Fixed panel (non-% mode) crash bug

Frame All or Selected

      • Quad View functionality restored (minus error message in side panel regions, does nothing instead (just in quadview). for now.)

SubD Pie Menu

      • Compacted top menu
      • Added Solo Cutter ops to top menu

Update 1.460

Solo Cutter (NEW)

      • Solo's (hides all other modifiers) the boolean modifier that the selected "cutter" uses. ("Cutter" term is used for an object used in any boolean operation)

      • Variant Solo Pre-Cutter : Only hides modifiers after the boolean.
      • VIDEO

Overlays Pie Menu (Upd/New)

      • Added toggles for (Ortho) Grid, Floor and Both.

Misc bug fixes (Fix)

      • Frame All or Selected : Context Error fixed

      • Mouse Mirror : Nonetype error fixed
      • Get & Set Material : No material (Default shading) name error fixed
      • Get & Set Edit Mode : Element Pick option fixed

Update 1.459

Get & Set Edit Mode (Upd)

      • Now uses the new Blender 3.0 Transfer Mode when in Sculpt Mode (to remain in sculpt mode).

        • Other modes remain the same: Go (from either Object or Edit Mode) to object under mouse & set Edit Mode.

Update 1.458

TT Tools  (Fix/Upd)

      • Added support for Proportional Editing 

TT Tools / MouseAxisMove (Upd)

      • Added support for UV/Image & Node editors. You can now (manually) assign TT or MouseAxis operator (+enum property) shortcuts.
      • Note: VPTransform modes will use MouseAxis modes (as there is only one 'viewplane' in 2D)

Update 1.457

TT Tools / MouseAxis (Fix)

      • Grease Pencil objects error fixed

TT Tools / VP Transform (Fix)

      • Using MMB to change locked axis (in orientations other than Global) now works as expected

Frame All or Selected (Fix)

      • Fixed error when used on empty node editor

Quick Measure (Fix)

      • Updated to comply with OpenGL changes coming in 3.0
      • Minor speed optimization

Direct Mode Switching (Update)

      • Added specific mouse-over info for each mode (vert, edge, face, object)

Update 1.456

keKit Keymap Export / Import (New!)

      • New Add-on prefs feature that exports keKit shortcuts, which will make sure the properties are correctly set when imported. IMAGE.

        • A text field will display the location where the prefs files are located.
        • All keKit shortcuts in use will also be listed in add-on prefs.
        • Import will disable (not remove) conflicting shortcuts (*same category only*) and report on all changes (system console window)

        • Note: Some categories will override others. (Screen vs View3d vs Object etc.) keKit Import will not cross-check all those combinations.

        • Tip: Some shortcuts may use the "ANY" modifier option on by default. You may want to be aware of this for new installations.

Direct Mode Selection (Fix)

      • Now works in Sculpt mode too.
      • Extra: Added Object-Modes Pie Menu as fifth icon in keKit panel for optional shortcut mapping.

TT Mode Toggle Icons (Upd)

      • Added mouse over description for hide option.
      • Added Hide option in Add-on prefs. Old location also remain (keKit / Context Tools / TT Mode).

Update 1.455

ViewPlane TT Tools (Fix)

      • Fixed (more like actually finished) Viewplane behaviour for non-global transform modes: Local, View etc. Both for TT tools and stand-alone VPGrab/Rotate/Scale.

Cursor Fit & Align (Fix)

      • Fixed* object mode alignment when modifiers are used. (*Workaround for raycasting issues)

Update 1.454

StepRotate (Fix)

      • Rotation was reversed in Blender v2.93 and above, fixed

ID Materials (Upd)

      • Added automatic Alpha Blend (& no shadows) setting when using transparent materials - for not-baking use cases (retopo etc.)

Update 1.453

Merge To Mouse (Fix)

      • Fixed vertex mode bug where it would only merge to active  
      • Fixed edge mode bad selection errors - now exits clean with info text 
      • Description added FYI: In Quad view; vanilla "Merge to Last" is used instead.

Update 1.452

Direct Mode Selection (Upd)

      • Added support for all remaining object types and edit modes. Objects with component modes other than mesh (just Gpencil + Armature Pose mode as an extra) will use vert,edge & face modes too.

Frame All or Selected (Upd)

      • Added support for all remaining object types and edit modes.

SubTools Pie Menu (Upd)

      • Added outer mitering buttons for bevel modifiers

Mouse Mirror (Fix fix)

      • Actually including the fixed code now

Mouse Side of Active (Fix)

      • Poll error message fixed

Update 1.451

Maya Connect (Fix)

      • Single Edge Selection operation now switches to vertex mode (so you can see the result). Also applies to multi-object edit mode.

Fit-Prim Add Pie Menu (NEW)

      • Added the "Add" menu in a new fit prim pie menu variant. FitPrims on the left, "Add" on the right: IMAGE.
      • P.s: If you are still using the default blender theme, here is a tip: IMAGE.

Update 1.450

Mouse Side of Active (NEW)

      • Like "Side of Active", but with active vert, edge or face and mouse position to calculate which side of the active element to select
      • Quick VIDEO demo.

Select Boundary+ (Update)

      • Added inner region toggle functionality: When you have a boundary selected, you can run again to toggle between region & boundary)
      • All features recap VIDEO

FitPrim (Update)

      • Added numerical input for cylinder modal mode. (No need to activate numerical mode, just type the segment count)

Mouse Mirror (Fix)

      • Cursor mode orientation bug fixed

Update 1.449

Mouse Mirror (Fix/Upd)

      • Fixed duplication error in Cursor Orientation
      • Added Linked Duplicate checkbox in Redo Panel (for Object mode mirroring)

Update 1.448

Korean / Flat Bevels Toggle (NEW)

      • Added global toggle (in keKit Context panel or keKit Subd pie menu) to use this as default for Context Bevel + the bevel modifiers in the SubD pie menu.

SubD Tools Pie Menu (Upd)

      • Added Weighted Normals modifier (with auto-auto-smooth)
      • Will take Korean bevel toggle into account when creating new bevel modifiers
      • Bevels now have profile slider
      • Bevels now have clamp toggle

Maya Connect (Upd)

      • Will now not switch to Edge mode from Vertex mode, to match default Blender connect behaviour. Note: Face mode will still switch to edge mode.

Loop Cut & Slide (Fix)

      • Fixed bug when getting nearest edge in face selection mode

Quick Measure (Fix)

      • Will now only allow one instance of QM to run
      • Misc rounding tweaks 

Update 1.447

Quick Scale (Upd / Fix)

Reworked entire script, as it was mostly half-finisihed anyways.

      • Now has useful undo-mode & multi object selection modes (scaling each separate, or as a combined bbox), besides the old unit-size scaling option.
      • Fixed Object transform issues

Update 1.446

Maya Connect (Upd.)

      • Changed face mode behaviour: Now splits along selection (single face uses mouse pos for direction). See video.
      • Added selection of resulting edge(s) (all modes)
      • VIDEO

UI updates (keKit Panels)

      • Removed deprecated entry in context tools (all view snap tools are already in Select & Align)
      • Moved Frame All or Selected to Select & Align panel - and cleaned it up a bit.

Update 1.445

Lock, Lock Unselected, Unlock (NEW)

      • Hotkey locking (Same as "Disable Selection" in the Outliner).  Unlock (Selection Enable) applies to all locked objects. 

Unhide or Local Off (NEW)

      • Unhide hidden objects, or set Local Mode off - if currently in Local mode. (Find in Select & Align keKit Panel)

BBox / Convex Hull (Upd)

      • Now supports Instance Collections
      • Added "Reference Style Shading" as another viewport shading option. (Wire & not render)
      • Optimized bbox mode. Should be faster for heavy objects. (Convex hull may still be slow.)

Update 1.444

TT / Mouse Axis Move (Upd/Fix)

      • Edit Mode Normal Transform Orientation now works! (Always Z axis)

      • Added Toggle for Mouse Axis Scale - Uncheck for default (unlocked) Scale behaviour for TT Scale MouseAxis.
        • I prefer to start scale unlocked and MMB lock if needed, but use mouse axis for move + rotate.

FitPrim (Fix)

      • Fixed 2-Vert Mode vector error

Update 1.443

Selected To Origin (NEW)

      • As "Geometry to Origin" but also works in Edit Mode for element selection.

      • Will work with multiple selected objects (In Edit Mode too); Each object will use its own origin.
      • Find In keSnapAlign pie-menu or Select & Align keKit panel.

      • Object Mode uses "Set Origin" - so all the other modes are available in the redo panel : 

        • Origin to Geo, Origin to Cursor, Origin to Center Mass (Surface & Volume) 

Update 1.442

Get & Set Edit Mode (Fix)

      • Fixed error msg when there's no selected object in scene

Render Visible / Render Slot Cycle (Fix)

      • Fixed error msg when there is no camera in the scene

Box/Convex Hull Collision Mesh (Upd/Fix)

      • Fixed naming and placement issues.
      • Now has a useful redo panel (esp. for multiple selected objects in object mode)

Update 1.441

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Duplicating in Edit Mode when using AutoMerge now works. (AM is temporarily disabled during Unrotator operation)

Update 1.440

Clear Cursor Rotation (New)

      • Clears the cursor's rotation (only). Available in the Select & Align keKit panel & in the keSnapAlign pie menu.

UI update 

      • Cleaned up the Select & Align keKit panel a bit.

Update 1.439

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added support for Lattice points in Edit Mode. 
      • Added support for UV Editor.
      • Restored smoother camera movement

Update 1.438

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added "Geo Only" Toggle (in the panel) for Frame All (nothing selected) which will ignore non-geo objects (Lights, Cameras etc).
      • Changed framing behaviour to Blender default = Do not use object center for framing (only the geo).

Toggle Flat/Smooth Shading (Upd)

      • Tri : Now removes the tri-modifier in smooth shaded mode.
      • Auto-Smooth will not be handled by the toggle.

Cleaning Tools - Select by Edge Count (Fix)

      • Added info prompt telling you an object must be selected (instead of just an error.)

API Change Fix for "Update Edit Mesh" (Fix)

(A lot of scripts in the kit) Should work in 3.0.  Note: Just this one thing. I am not checking for all 3.0 changes yet.

Update 1.437

Get & Set Edit Mode (Upd)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (curves with geo, patches etc. objects with an edit mode.)

Get & Set Material (Upd)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (curves with geo, patches etc. objects with an edit mode.)

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added support for node, graph & dopesheet windows. 

TT / Mouse Axis Move (Fix)

      • Edit Mode precision fix (now using selection avg. for vector calc)

ID Materials (Fix)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects

Ground or Center (Fix)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (based on center only)

Unrotator (Upd)

      • Added "Face Center" override in Redo panel (session duration, only sets True value)

Update 1.436

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Placement of elements now use "median" placement (instead of active element)
      • Rotation Offset values now using correct value steps (and median)  note: still expects viewport unchanged 
      • Duplication issues fixed
      • General Edit Mode opt: Using math instead of cursor & transform macro.

Update 1.435

Mouse Axis Move / TT Move (Fix)

      • Multiple object selection bug (from 1.434) fixed

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Vert & Edge mode placement Z-flip issue fixed. Note: The active element is used for loc/rot, including the redo rotation offset. A "median" solution is TBD.
      • Vert & Edge mode dupe will now keep original selection for easier additional duping. (not needed for faces)
      • Added Invert Z button in redo panel (for any weird edge cases I might have missed)

Update 1.434

Direct Loop Cut (Upd/Fix)

      • Added "Selection Only" toggle - Will not auto select, using only selected elements (face limit will still work with nearest edge to mouse. Center cut will not)
      • Limited face selection with mouse over edge on ngon border fixed. 
        • Tip: A second cut (or more) do not need a face selection if 2 ngons on the ends cap the loop

TT Dupe (Fix)

      • Duplicating with no active object/non-mesh issues fixed

Context Delete (Fix)

      • Deleting with no active object issue fixed

Shading Mode Toggle (Upd)

      • Added Triangulate toggle for the hard/smooth shading toggle: adds a triangulate modifier for extra precise shading reference.

Update 1.433

TT Tools (Fix)

      • Added tool tip description for linked icon in the view3d header
      • Fixed double registration of the the header icons (to avoid header compatibility issues).

Update 1.432

Quick Measure (Fix)

      • Fixed unit conversion issues (Converts to nearest unit similar to using scene length units "Adaptive")
      • Units should now also work if you have set it to "Adaptive" (both Metric & Imperial)
      • Minor optimizations & some UI tweaks

TT Duplicate (Fix)

      • Fixed bug in "Default Mode" toggle (the first one) where it would only duplicate and not launch Move tool

Update 1.431

Quick Measure (Upd)

      • Added Area Viewplane cycling: You can now cycle between calculating XY, XZ or YZ area in BBox modes with 'A'.
      • Added "nearest" unit conversions, and cleaner presentation. (not just floats)
      • Added proper element selection mode switching to 1,2,3,4 . They were just pass_through before, not everyone has this hotkeyed ;>
      • Added multi-step Vert Distance Mode, with a modal selection history. Requires discrete clicks. Freezemode is limited to 2 selected verts.

VIDEO  Note: You dont need to shift-select the verts, and to "connect" a loop you must NOT use shift-select.

Clear Vert Selection 'History': Click in space or hit 'C' to clear.

Known issue: sometimes there is selection garbage from previous mode selections/sessions, just clear.

TT Duplicate Linked Toggle (Fix)

      • You can now assign the (Global) Duplicate Linked Toggle to a short-cut. 

    Update 1.430

    TT Duplicate + Linked (NEW/upd)

        • Added TT Dupe. ( TT description if you dont know/forgot)
        • Added a (Global) Duplicate Linked Toggle.
          • This will also toggle Duplicate Linked in Mouse Axis Dupe & VP Dupe. (Hence, "Global")

    DL Toggle will also be displayed in the viewport header. Like this.

    (Note: If you dont want to see the header, just click the "hide" toggle in TT Tools )

    MultiCut (Upd/Fix)

        • Will now take "hidden" status into account - and not cut hidden faces.
        • Will now remove doubles if you set offset to zero or 50% in the redo adjustments
        • Fixed metric unit conversion issues

    Update 1.428-429

    MultiCut (Upd/Fix)

    Simplified behaviour - redo-panel adjustments no longer additive, to behave more as expected.

    - Limited offset clamping so you cant set offset beyond 1-49% (the other end is auto-calculated, so it caused issues if you did.

    Upd: .429 - Fixed Even adjustment. Now actually toggles.

    Cursor Fit & Align (Upd)

    - Added Vector Align in Object Mode using 2 objects. To summarize Object Mode behaviours:

          • Pointing over ANY object will just align the cursor to the face under the mouse, regardless of selections.
          • 1 Object selected and pointing mouse over NOTHING will align cursor to the selected objects location & rotation.
          • 2+ Objects selected and pointing mouse over NOTHING will align the cursor rotation/location to the vector (using Z) between two objects.

    Note: there is no selection order - vector objects will be random. Doesn't matter much with 2 objects, other than Z pointing to either object.

    Update 1.427

    MultiCut (NEW)

    Double-cut edge rings with optional middle cut. (Like Loop Cut combined with Offset Edge Slide for the ends)

    User customizable presets (auto-named) to use in the panel, as hotkeys or in the MultiCut Pie Menu. Overrides (for the session) in the redo panel.

    You can also set fixed offset (in real measurements, like cm etc.)

    Note: Saving presets with fixed offset NOT zero will be saved as a fixed offset preset (Dont forget to save keKit prefs)


    Version Update Info (NEW)

    Added a simple check for when a new version of keKit is available. Runs when you start Blender. It will look like this.

    Just click the update notice when it shows up to open a link to the release info & download page (here).

    Snapping Combos (Upd)

    - Added custom naming for the slots (in the keKit panel / Bookmarks)

    QuickScale (Upd)

    - Added "grounding" in Z for Edit Mode, so the mesh selection "doesn't move" when scaling.  might need to be optional, but fits my use 100% ;)

    - Trimmed down UI space, now only takes one row in the modeling panel. (no sub menu)

    Render Slot Cycle (Upd/Fix)

    - Will now render to the first slot if all slots are empty and the active slot is set to something else. (Blender saves the current active slot when you save, so that when you restart Blender, all the temp-renders are gone, but you start rendering on the last used slot, instead of the first empty.) This update fits better with the whole slot cycle thing.

    Render Visible (Fix)

    - Will now take lights and other non-meshes into account as well. 

    Linear Array (Fix)

    - Annoying error message when run in incorrect context fixed.

    Get & Set Edit Mode Element Pick (NEW)

    (This was actually included in 1.426, but I forgot...)

    - Optional checkbox that will also set which type of edit mode based on element under mouse in Edit Mode.

    Add-on Prefs Misc (Compatibility Fix)

    - Wiki-url will apparently be decprecated, so I had to change the link to my wiki using Doc-url instead. Not sure if this will effect registering the kit, but hey.

    (QuickMeasure will need compat. fix to use GPU drawing in the future as well, as it uses Bgl at the moment. TBD.)



    Q:  "What is it?" 

    A:  The kit is a collection of my scripts for Blender 2.8+.  For people only used to the Blender ecosystem, or new to these things in general; a "script" is equivalent to a single-purpose add-on, more or less, and the "kit" is a collection of these. An add-on with lots of add-ons, if that helps.

    Q: "But what does everything do? Where is the documentation?"

    A:  WIKI 

    Q: "Why are you making it?"

    The primary purpose, for me, is to optimze my workflow (a lot of "click-reduction") whilst also exploring add-on development for Blender, and doing it the way I like it. I don't focus too much on modifier-workflows, as there are already a lot of add-ons that are more focused on those areas (like Hardops, Fluent, Speedflow etc.)

    Q: "Did you know this and that add-on does something similar?"

    I do try to just look for other existing add-ons to use at first. Sometimes succesfully, but, sometimes it is not really what I want and I just do my own thing - Usually because the alternative is not exactly right or too complex / clicky (for me).

    And sometimes I just dont find existing add-ons that might have sufficed. Such is life. 

    Q: "Why is it free/donation ware?"  (ok I added this, no one ever asked ;> )

    I'm mostly doing it for myself, but it is nice to see other people finding what you do useful. It is not a commercial project for me and to be honest, I do not want to be beholden to "customers" for the kit. That said, I do appreciate every donation I recieve - it does give me a little extra motivation.