keKit 1.442 21-08-05

A collection of my scripts for Blender 2.9+ ( Note: only the current stable public release is supported. )

Copyright © Kjell Emanuelsson, Blender GNU license etc. Not PEP8 complient .

Feature documentation: WIKI  

+ Latest relase notes below

Clean/First Installation:

  • Install zip-file from prefs/add-ons inside Blender. Do not extract zip-file. Restart blender.


  • Close blender. Manually unzip and overwrite the kekit folder in the user addons folder. Restart blender.

- You can find your user path in add-on prefs, here

  • Alternatively, if you must remove/re-install the kit, export your keyconfig first, and re-import after install, to retain shortcut options (enums).

            Using 'remove' in prefs/add-ons and re-installing will default shortcut options (enums) unless you export/import keyconfig.

Like when you are migrating installs.Some updates might require proper install (not lately)

Kit Prefs: Between Blender version installs, you can transfer the prefs file from the user scripts folder (prefs location since kit v1.28) This does NOT contain hotkeys.

Usage Instructions:

The kit will appear in the 3d viewport tabs. Mouse-hover over each script in the kit in Blender for tool-tip pop-ups. Click with right mouse button for hotkey assignment: No keKit-default hotkeys are set - you get to manage hotkeys yourself.

Also: FAQ

Other Resources:

    • keKit Public feedback & discussions here.


Download kit here (or click the banner above...)

Note: Gumroad links - Dont worry, no need to pay me if you dont want to! ;) 


Latest Release Notes:

Update 1.442

Get & Set Edit Mode (Fix)

      • Fixed error msg when there's no selected object in scene

Render Visible / Render Slot Cycle (Fix)

      • Fixed error msg when there is no camera in the scene

Box/Convex Hull Collision Mesh (Upd/Fix)

      • Fixed naming and placement issues.
      • Now has a useful redo panel (esp. for multiple selected objects in object mode)

Update 1.441

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Duplicating in Edit Mode when using AutoMerge now works. (AM is temporarily disabled during Unrotator operation)

Update 1.440

Clear Cursor Rotation (New)

      • Clears the cursor's rotation (only). Available in the Select & Align keKit panel & in the keSnapAlign pie menu.

UI update 

      • Cleaned up the Select & Align keKit panel a bit.

Release Notes Backlog:

Update 1.439

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added support for Lattice points in Edit Mode. 
      • Added support for UV Editor.
      • Restored smoother camera movement

Update 1.438

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added "Geo Only" Toggle (in the panel) for Frame All (nothing selected) which will ignore non-geo objects (Lights, Cameras etc).
      • Changed framing behaviour to Blender default = Do not use object center for framing (only the geo).

Toggle Flat/Smooth Shading (Upd)

      • Tri : Now removes the tri-modifier in smooth shaded mode.
      • Auto-Smooth will not be handled by the toggle.

Cleaning Tools - Select by Edge Count (Fix)

      • Added info prompt telling you an object must be selected (instead of just an error.)

API Change Fix for "Update Edit Mesh" (Fix)

(A lot of scripts in the kit) Should work in 3.0.  Note: Just this one thing. I am not checking for all 3.0 changes yet.

Update 1.437

Get & Set Edit Mode (Upd)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (curves with geo, patches etc. objects with an edit mode.)

Get & Set Material (Upd)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (curves with geo, patches etc. objects with an edit mode.)

Frame All Or Selected (Upd)

      • Added support for node, graph & dopesheet windows. 

TT / Mouse Axis Move (Fix)

      • Edit Mode precision fix (now using selection avg. for vector calc)

ID Materials (Fix)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects

Ground or Center (Fix)

      • Added support for non-mesh objects (based on center only)

Unrotator (Upd)

      • Added "Face Center" override in Redo panel (session duration, only sets True value)

Update 1.436

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Placement of elements now use "median" placement (instead of active element)
      • Rotation Offset values now using correct value steps (and median)  note: still expects viewport unchanged 
      • Duplication issues fixed
      • General Edit Mode opt: Using math instead of cursor & transform macro.

Update 1.435

Mouse Axis Move / TT Move (Fix)

      • Multiple object selection bug (from 1.434) fixed

Unrotator (Fix)

      • Vert & Edge mode placement Z-flip issue fixed. Note: The active element is used for loc/rot, including the redo rotation offset. A "median" solution is TBD.
      • Vert & Edge mode dupe will now keep original selection for easier additional duping. (not needed for faces)
      • Added Invert Z button in redo panel (for any weird edge cases I might have missed)

Update 1.434

Direct Loop Cut (Upd/Fix)

      • Added "Selection Only" toggle - Will not auto select, using only selected elements (face limit will still work with nearest edge to mouse. Center cut will not)
      • Limited face selection with mouse over edge on ngon border fixed. 
        • Tip: A second cut (or more) do not need a face selection if 2 ngons on the ends cap the loop

TT Dupe (Fix)

      • Duplicating with no active object/non-mesh issues fixed

Context Delete (Fix)

      • Deleting with no active object issue fixed

Shading Mode Toggle (Upd)

      • Added Triangulate toggle for the hard/smooth shading toggle: adds a triangulate modifier for extra precise shading reference.

Update 1.433

TT Tools (Fix)

      • Added tool tip description for linked icon in the view3d header
      • Fixed double registration of the the header icons (to avoid header compatibility issues).

Update 1.432

Quick Measure (Fix)

      • Fixed unit conversion issues (Converts to nearest unit similar to using scene length units "Adaptive")
      • Units should now also work if you have set it to "Adaptive" (both Metric & Imperial)
      • Minor optimizations & some UI tweaks

TT Duplicate (Fix)

      • Fixed bug in "Default Mode" toggle (the first one) where it would only duplicate and not launch Move tool

Update 1.431

Quick Measure (Upd)

      • Added Area Viewplane cycling: You can now cycle between calculating XY, XZ or YZ area in BBox modes with 'A'.
      • Added "nearest" unit conversions, and cleaner presentation. (not just floats)
      • Added proper element selection mode switching to 1,2,3,4 . They were just pass_through before, not everyone has this hotkeyed ;>
      • Added multi-step Vert Distance Mode, with a modal selection history. Requires discrete clicks. Freezemode is limited to 2 selected verts.

VIDEO  Note: You dont need to shift-select the verts, and to "connect" a loop you must NOT use shift-select.

Clear Vert Selection 'History': Click in space or hit 'C' to clear.

Known issue: sometimes there is selection garbage from previous mode selections/sessions, just clear.

TT Duplicate Linked Toggle (Fix)

      • You can now assign the (Global) Duplicate Linked Toggle to a short-cut. 

    Update 1.430

    TT Duplicate + Linked (NEW/upd)

        • Added TT Dupe. ( TT description if you dont know/forgot)
        • Added a (Global) Duplicate Linked Toggle.
          • This will also toggle Duplicate Linked in Mouse Axis Dupe & VP Dupe. (Hence, "Global")

    DL Toggle will also be displayed in the viewport header. Like this.

    (Note: If you dont want to see the header, just click the "hide" toggle in TT Tools )

    MultiCut (Upd/Fix)

        • Will now take "hidden" status into account - and not cut hidden faces.
        • Will now remove doubles if you set offset to zero or 50% in the redo adjustments
        • Fixed metric unit conversion issues

    Update 1.428-429

    MultiCut (Upd/Fix)

    Simplified behaviour - redo-panel adjustments no longer additive, to behave more as expected.

    - Limited offset clamping so you cant set offset beyond 1-49% (the other end is auto-calculated, so it caused issues if you did.

    Upd: .429 - Fixed Even adjustment. Now actually toggles.

    Cursor Fit & Align (Upd)

    - Added Vector Align in Object Mode using 2 objects. To summarize Object Mode behaviours:

          • Pointing over ANY object will just align the cursor to the face under the mouse, regardless of selections.
          • 1 Object selected and pointing mouse over NOTHING will align cursor to the selected objects location & rotation.
          • 2+ Objects selected and pointing mouse over NOTHING will align the cursor rotation/location to the vector (using Z) between two objects.

    Note: there is no selection order - vector objects will be random. Doesn't matter much with 2 objects, other than Z pointing to either object.

    Update 1.427

    MultiCut (NEW)

    Double-cut edge rings with optional middle cut. (Like Loop Cut combined with Offset Edge Slide for the ends)

    User customizable presets (auto-named) to use in the panel, as hotkeys or in the MultiCut Pie Menu. Overrides (for the session) in the redo panel.

    You can also set fixed offset (in real measurements, like cm etc.)

    Note: Saving presets with fixed offset NOT zero will be saved as a fixed offset preset (Dont forget to save keKit prefs)


    Version Update Info (NEW)

    Added a simple check for when a new version of keKit is available. Runs when you start Blender. It will look like this.

    Just click the update notice when it shows up to open a link to the release info & download page (here).

    Snapping Combos (Upd)

    - Added custom naming for the slots (in the keKit panel / Bookmarks)

    QuickScale (Upd)

    - Added "grounding" in Z for Edit Mode, so the mesh selection "doesn't move" when scaling.  might need to be optional, but fits my use 100% ;)

    - Trimmed down UI space, now only takes one row in the modeling panel. (no sub menu)

    Render Slot Cycle (Upd/Fix)

    - Will now render to the first slot if all slots are empty and the active slot is set to something else. (Blender saves the current active slot when you save, so that when you restart Blender, all the temp-renders are gone, but you start rendering on the last used slot, instead of the first empty.) This update fits better with the whole slot cycle thing.

    Render Visible (Fix)

    - Will now take lights and other non-meshes into account as well. 

    Linear Array (Fix)

    - Annoying error message when run in incorrect context fixed.

    Get & Set Edit Mode Element Pick (NEW)

    (This was actually included in 1.426, but I forgot...)

    - Optional checkbox that will also set which type of edit mode based on element under mouse in Edit Mode.

    Add-on Prefs Misc (Compatibility Fix)

    - Wiki-url will apparently be decprecated, so I had to change the link to my wiki using Doc-url instead. Not sure if this will effect registering the kit, but hey.

    (QuickMeasure will need compat. fix to use GPU drawing in the future as well, as it uses Bgl at the moment. TBD.)

    Update 1.426

    Direct Loop Cut (Fix)

    Fixed: (Flat or non-parallell) Circular loops getting wrong offset values, now works as intended.

    Context Extrude (Fix)

    Context Extrude TT-Mode now works in Vertex and Edge mode.

    Update 1.425

    Unrotator (Upd)

    Object Mode - Object placement behaviour has now been updated:

    When placing an object on another surface, Unrotator will now use surface snapping in a modal, temporarily.

    LMB click to finalize placement. Snapping settings will then be restored. RMB to cancel.

    Bonus mode: If you hit 'Esc' - the object will instead snap to the center of the face (you first pointed to, not where you move the object over. useful to know in advance if you want centered placements occasionally.) Regardless if you have the 'Center on face' option checked or not, for flexibility.


    This is now the default setting. But, "No snap" was default before, so upgraders need to check this option off (& dont forget to save kekit prefs)

    Get & Set Edit Mode (Fix)

    - No active object (-no object selection at all, when you delete the context.object) error fixed (will now select mouse over object)

    Update 1.424

    Bookmarks Panel (NEW)

    Cursor Bookmarks, View Bookmarks and Orientation & Pivot Combos are now in their own panel.

    Cursor + View Bookmarks have been given distinct info popover icons with instructions. (Snapping Combos too, despite/due to not being located there.)


    Cycle View Bookmarks (NEW):

    Cycles through stored view bookmarks. (in the new Bookmarks Panel, as seen in the image above)

    Cursor & View Bookmarks Pie Menu (NEW)

    These are now also available in a custom pie menu. IMAGE

    View Bookmarks (Fix/Upd):

    - Ability to clear slot has been added: Use a stored view, dont move the view, store in the same slot = clear.

    - When using a blank slot, it now does nothing, instead of zeroing the viewport..

    Direct Loop Cut (Fix)

    - Will now disregard additional selected edges on the same edge ring when using center cut in edge mode.

    Fit Prim (Upd)

    - New Objects will now be added to same collection as the selected object (context.object), instead of whichever collection happens to be selected.

      Or, to selected collection, if there is no selected object. 

    Quick Measure (Fix)

    - Fixed console error msg that could spam out when switching selections in some cases

    Update >1.423

    Direct Loop Cut (Upd/Fix)

    - Much improved precision for cut placement

    - Fixed issue where it would not cut when starting on an edge of a non-quad face (it will not cut ngons/tris, that will not change) 

    - Fixed issue with meshes with modifiers

    - Fixed bmesh issue that could cause crashes

    - Will now set edge mode (if you start in face or vert mode) for better edge selection handling afterwards. 

    Update 1.420

    Direct Loop Cut v2 (NEW / update)

    Completely rewritten, with some changes to operation, and new features.

    Note: It does not cut ngons/tris.

    It also has working undo now. In the modeling kekit subpanel.  VIDEO.

    Insert Edge Loop (main functionality):

          • Insert an edge loop on an edge at the mouse pointer. No selection needed (autoselects, except for center cuts, below;).

    Center cuts & Multi Loop Cuts:

          • With edge(s) selected & with the mouse over nothing or another object, a center-cut will performed - on all selected edges, for multi-loop cuts.

    Limit Cuts:

          • Selected faces (on the edge ring) will limit the cut to those faces. Point the mouse over intended starting edge (or near it in space for mid-cut).  Note: This works on "checker-selected" faces too.

    Loose Edges:

          • Edge-Lines (no face geo) will also work: Mouse over a floater-edge to insert vert.  Mouse over nothing / another object to subdivide all the edges.

    & Slide:

    This variant (the other button in the panel) will run edge slide after the cut(s). Note: This adds one undo step, unless RMB.

    Tip: You can use 'E' to toggle Even-behaviour when in slide. It's just slide, all snapping etc just like usual.

    Fit 2 Grid (Upd)

    - Now also works in object mode (Using origin for location)

    Radial Array (Fix)

    - Context error when using in wrong context fixed

    Update 1.419

    Step-Rotate Pie Menu (Upd/Fix)

    - Fixed some bad logic, now actually works. (again?)

    - Added extra tools in sub-panel: 

          • Buttons to clear (zero) rotation on X, Y and Z
          • (the standard) Rotation transform values box

    Overlay Pie Menu (Upd)

    - Added "Show Stats" button

    Update 1.418

    Flat/Smooth Shading Toggle (NEW)

    - Toggle for selected object(s) in Object or Edit mode. (keKit modeling panel)

    - Will turn off Auto Smooth if used (you will be notified also)

    Get & Set Edit Mode Extend (Upd/NEW) 

    Variant that selects and extends edit mode on mouse-over objects instead of switching object.


    Render Visible (Upd)

    - No more delay before rendering (Using handlers)

    Update 1.417

    Render Image Slot Cycle (Upd)

    Now checks for empty slots:

    Renders Image to the first empty slot (supports any nr of slots). No overwrites, you will just be notified when the slots are full.

    *"Full-Wrap" toggle: When slots are full, wraps back over from slot1 (overwriting). A notice will pop up to inform you when starting over from slot 1.

    - Added handlers to check rendering status, so you cant run until a render in progress is completely done.

    - Fixed bugs

    Radial Array (Upd)

    Fixed help text and added "C" as optional radius adjustment hotkey.

    Render Visible (Upd)

    Fixed Slot Cycling "Full" notification.  Note: Full-wrap cycle start over notification will not be shown for Render Visible.

    Operator Change: Changed operator to support running outside 3d viewport.

    Update 1.415

    Render Image Slot Cycle (NEW)

    Render Image to the next render slot (supports any nr of slots), or first, if no renders have been made.

    Render Visible (Upd)

    Added toggle for Slot Cycling

    Radial Array (Upd)

    - Added Autoarrange toggle (in the kekit panel): Sometimes it is just easier to place the item manually, after all.

    - Changed adjustment methods: No more modifier-keys (too many issues).

    Instead, use hotkey to switch/enter modes and just move the mouse (like most blender tools) with following toggles:

          • X - Adjust radius 
          • Z - Adjust depth
          • S - Adjust scale (same hotkey as before, but no longer a modifier key to hold down)

      (Numerical input mode will work at the same time.)

    - Starting value for Adjustment modes is now autocalculated, to get more reasonable offsets.

    - Offset values have been expanded: now goes from 1-5  (1 being really really tiny)

    Frame All or Selected (Fix/Upd)

    - Fixed frame all issue in object mode. (Frane All didn't ignore active, even though nothing was 'selected')

    Operator Change: Changed operator to support future expanded functionality beyond the viewport (graphs, nodes etc)

    Currently only viewport though. (old hotkeys will produce a notice for you to change them)

    Update 1.414

    FitPrim (New/Upd/Fix)

    - Added new mode: Plane primitive.  Quick update & demo video here.

    - Reworked mode handling (from ~17 enums to 5, with smarter implementation

    - Rewrote maths code (a lot) for parallell detection for much improved trapezoid and rectangle fitting.

    - Fixed cursor reset issue with cylinder object creation.

     Note: (Slight) Operator change, with the enums. May or may not affect your hotkeys. Check if you hotkeyed beyond the basic modes.

    FitPrim Pie Menu (Update/New)

    Reworked for updated op + to have "obj" creation always on the same spot, and mode-context sensitive now. (As seen in the video above)

    Direct Selection Modes (FIx)

    No more error messages if you manage to accidentally have nothing/unsupported mesh selected and try to toggle modes.

    Still to-do: Add support for pose bones and such modes. Maybe next version.

    Update 1.413

    BG Sync (Fix)

    Simplified node handling. Unused env nodes will not remain on the grid since the images are still loaded for fast re-use in the session.

    This will eliminate pretty much all purple screen scenarios. (screenshot from .410 updated)

    Shading Pie Menu (Fix)

    Studiolights in Rendered mode (when not using 'World') will now also have blur control, which was left out for some reason.

    Update 1.412

    Mouse Mirror (Fix)

    - Fixed Edit Mode "bbox mode" (Local orientation) and world (Global orientation) 

    Update 1.411

    BG Sync (Fix/Update)

    TLDR:  Purple render? Just run BG Sync

    If you dont 'save' loaded HDR images, blender wont either. Resulting in purple renders when restarting, even if it "looks" loaded with nodes etc,

    the data is not there.  I dont want to save every single hdr BG Sync's, bloating the blend-files (EXRs can get pretty big), so, I added a data-check to reload for the session but not saving them. You can of course choose to do so yourself (to make sure bloat is minimized).

    Update 1.410

    BG Sync (NEW)

    Sync the Viewport Preview shading EXR to world render (incl. built in EXR's) with rotation and strength values.

    It will file/node-manage for you, and reuse when possible. Like this

    Located here. It is also available in the extended shading pie, in material mode, as well as rendered mode. (When you turn off "World" it uses preview).


    Just for the record: "Blur" and "Alpha" are just viewport conveniences, and do not actually affect the EXR shading in the viewport. 

    Still, getting a blurred background rendered image matching the viewport is possible, but not trivial as it currently works (afaict) :

    You have to add holdout mask collections view layer, backgrund in another view layer, besides the main (deafult) viewlayer, and setup all 3 view layers outputs in the compositor, like this example. With additional nodes for blurring. And people often already have such setups there.

    All things considered, it is not something I want to mess with at this point. BG sync is the best I can do for now ;)

    Shading Pie Menu (Update)

    Covered with BG Sync.

    Materials Pie Menu (Update)

    Added expanded materials list for faster access. These will turn into columns for better space managment at around ~11 materials, like this.

    This uses the "Materials Utilities" Add-on that comes with Blender. You need to activate it, and set the "max until search" in that add-on's prefs,

    to whatever your pc can handle (50 limit prob.) then the materials will be replaced with a search bar instead, to not choke your pc.

    Context Extrude (Update)

    Added a toggle in theContext Tools Panel that lets CE use TT Toggle mode for vert and edge transform start mode (not faces).

    Otherwise default behaviour.

    Update 1.409

    Transform Tool Toggle (NEW)

    Toggle between using Default Transform Tools / MouseAxis Tools / Viewplane Tools. Icons and buttons as depicted here.

    EDIT: VIDEO added.

    (The viewport icons would be better placed somewhere in the middle, but there is no 'good' way of doing that, afaict. TBD.)

    - Set the 'TT Move' / Rotate / Scale tools as your transform tool hotkeys (or wherever you like)

    - Use the viewport TT Toggle icons or 'TT Mode Cycle'  to change between which tool is used by TT tools.


    - Handles: 'TT Default' (the first one) uses the handle tools, otherwise the classic style ('Grab' etc.)

    - Hide: Hide the viewport TT Toggle header icons (if you dont need them, or dont care about the tool at all)

    - Select: Switches to Select Tool if default handle tools are active when toggling TT (for MouseAxis and VP)

    Note: Preferred default mode can be set by saving kit settings

    Unrotator (Fix/Update)

    Nearly completely rewritten.

    - Seemed completely broken in 2.92, and it was just easier to rewrite. Now faster and leaner.

    + Should now work placing mesh on subd models (again..)

    Subd Toggle (Fix)

    - Now works in sculpting mode

     FitPrim (Fix)

    - Can now place mesh on subd models (again...)

    Update 1.408

    Quick Origin Move (NEW)

    In Selection/Align Tools.

    Run grab tool for selected objects origin (in modal) to avoid having to set "Affect origin only" on and off in tool settings.

    Default move variant will also first snap the origin to the mousepointer to avoid "offset" moving.

    - Auto Axis variant will work like Mouse Axis Move and set initial axis lock. (no initial snap)

    - Works with all orientations (except Normal: uses Local instead).

    - Edit Mode will work (as in; it switches to Object Mode during the modal operation).

    - Finish with LMB, cancel with RMB, (etc. as Mouse Axis Move.) Tip: You can rotate with 'R' during operation.

    Subd Toggle (Upd/Fix)

    - Changed toggle from subd level to viewport visibility

    - Added defined preferences on toggle.  (I.e: Toggle will now set specified toggle settings on any subd modifier that is toggled.)

    - Fix: Now works on "unselected" object that is in Edit mode.

    Update 1.407

    Linear Array (Update/New)

    Complete rewrite to bring it to parity with Radial Array.

    - Much improved mouse vector handling (less glitchy) and general optimization.

    - Added "Adjustment mode": Run Linear Array on an existing Linear Array object to adjust.

    - Added Numerical input: "A" key enters numerical input (toggled from snapping) to set array count.

    - Runs in object local orientation by default (it auto applies scale, but for global mode you will have to apply rotation manually first, if needed)

    Mouse Move Cursor (New)

    Added new variant for Mouse Axis (in context tools).

    - Quick way to move the cursor with Mouse Axis Move. Global orientation or Cursor (:anything besides Global will use cursor orientation)

    (and then MMB to switch axis lock, C to clear locks, as usual with grab tool)

    Align Origin To Selected (Update)

    Object mode: When a single object is selected it will use "Origin to mesh center" as a handy extra mode.

    Get & Set Material (Update)

    Will now work with multiple objects selected (both in Edit and Object Mode). Also has undo now.

    Context Extrude (Update)

    Vert and Edge Extrudes will now use mouse axis move (MMB to switch axis lock, C to clear locks)

    Context Delete Hierarchy Option (Update)

    Object mode: With this toggle enabled (in the context tools panel. save kit prefs), all the (recursive) child objects of all selected objects will also be deleted, not just unparented.

    Orient & Pivot Combo Naming (Update)

    You can now name your combos. Click the "Name" button in the panel to enter "naming mode", and the button again to set the name.  Save kit prefs.

    + Combo Icons have been replaced with simple color coded icons, to be less specific than the previous ones (and quicker to read)

    + Pie Menu for Orientation & Pivots have been updated for quicker acces (combos not baked into panels for faster flick-selection)


    Update 1.406

    Radial Array (NEW)

    This is my circular array solution for Blender. There are many like it, but this one is mine. VIDEO

    Instructions in the video (H for help, while running).

    Note: Using a parented empty as offset object, hidden by default. Find in outliner for manual handling; spiral-offsets etc.

    Subdivision Level Stepping up/down (NEW)

    (Buttons in the Subd-Tools panel. Steps selected object(s) viewport subd level up or down. 

    Paste+ (Upd)

    - Now makes the pasted object (using 'Paste Object') set to active.

    Mouse Axis Move (Fix)

    - Move: Local orientation with scaled object bug fixed. 

    - Rotate: Minor optimization

    Origin to Selected (Fix)

    - Bug where the cursor rotation was reset

    SpaceToggle (Fix)

    - Now works for curves (and other edit mode meshes besides just mesh)

    Cursor Fit & Align

    - O&P Toggle would not work in Object mode with no mouse over. Fixed.

    Update 1.405

    FitPrim (Update / Fix)

    - Object Mode fitting now works (almost as good) as Edit Mode, fitting objects based on face under mouse pointer. VIDEO

    - Placing new objects/mesh (when pointing into space) will now place them at ground level, with nearest-grid point snapping based on unit size. VIDEO  

      Note: In perspective/non-ortho views. Orthographic views will use default blender style placement (semi random depth).

    Tool-Tip Fixes (Update)

    Added custom tool-tips for multi-option buttons (that needs them) like cursor, view and snapping bookmarks, and a few others.

    SubD tools: Set Viewport / Render Levels (Fix)

    Will no longer apply smooth etc. Just sets levels.

    Undo Fixes (Fix)

    SubD Toggle, Zeroscale and Snapping Combos now have working undo.

    Extract & Edit (Upd)

    Will now autoselect the extracted components for ease-of-use.

    Update 1.404

    Linear Array (Update/Fix)

    Local Mode now works. (Set with Local Orientation, setting to Global (or anything else) will use global orientation with rotation & scale applied. 

    Mouse Mirror & Flip (Fix/Update)

    - Mirror in Global Orientation now uses the Object as center point relative to the mouse (would use origo before, which was annoying)

    - Edit Mode: Auto-select linked now works properly (would select the entire mesh instead of selected mesh islands only)

    - Edit Mode: Flip & Mirror in Local Orientation in is now simplified to global bbox direction only (no pivot control) (use Cursor or Normal orientation for other directional flips)

    - Object Mode: Mirror in Local Orientation is now fixed (Ind.Origins Pivot for local bbox mirror with rotation and any other pivot set is without (global directions).

    Mouse Axis Move (Fix)

    Cursor and View Orientation now actually work.

    Frame All or Selected (Update)

    Now works in Pose Mode (bones)

    Overlay Pie Menu (Update)

    Bones visibility toggle added.

    Update 1.403

    Copy+ (Update)

    - Cut+ now works in Object Mode as well (Removes/stores entire mesh in cache)

    - Paste+ now has a toggle (in the panel) for Merge behaviour in Object mode: If on, it will merge the cache into a selected mesh object. If off, it will create a new object. Note: With merge toggled on, a new object will be created if nothing is selected, or a non-mesh object is selected.

    Update 1.402

    Install/Panel Code Bug Fix

    Fresh Install bug issue fixed (Also: when reinstalling (zip) after removing an old version, you probably need to restart blender before activating)

    Update 1.401

    Get & Set Material (Update)

    When grabbing materials in Object mode, it now stays in Object mode.

    Copy+ (NEW/Update)

    Cut+,Copy+ and Paste+ now include Object Mode operations by using (replacing) "Copy Objects" and "Paste Objects" (these) . These work for all object types, not just mesh.

    In Edit Mode (on mesh objects)  Copy+ (cut,copy,paste) functionality will be used. Paste+ will also work in Object Mode -IF- there is something in the Copy+ buffer; which will create a new Object. Cut+ will do nothing in Object mode for now, TBD.

    Operator Change: This means a new view3d category is used - remove old hotkeys. (also see general tip below)

    Mouse Mirror & Flip v2 (NEW)

    Completely reworked. Now uses Orientation setting to determine behaviour instead of different options (and combining with Mouse Flip), redcing operators and need for subpanels with options in the kekit panel. Note: The orientations will be re-calculated - it does not use the "old" orientation matrix, as that data is not exposed. 

    Note: Some orientations also have extra functionality depending on what pivot is used. GIMBAL & VIEW are not supported.

    Basic Use: 

    Place Mouse pointer away from center (object, element or cursor)  along intended axis: Further away along Z = Z axis, etc.

    Mouse Mirror:

    GLOBAL: Uses world origo as center.

    LOCAL & Pivot set to INDIVIDUAL ORIGINS: Bounding Box mirror using the local rotation 

                    Pivot set to ANYTHING ELSE: BBox mirror not using rotation (=Global axis)

    NORMAL: Edit Mode - Only takes the Active Element into account for rotation/center and auto-selects connected mesh.

                    (NORMAL in Object Mode will use LOCAL)

    CURSOR: Uses the cursor for center, and rotation if Pivot is also set to CURSOR, otherwise cursor rotation is ignored. 

    Mouse Flip:

    GLOBAL: Uses world origo as center.

    LOCAL:  Pivot set to INDIVIDUAL ORIGINS will use the local axis for flipping (in-place), ANY OTHER pivot setting will not use rotation. (=Global axis)

    NORMAL: Edit Mode - Only takes the Active Element into account for rotation/center and auto-selects connected mesh.

                    (NORMAL in Object Mode will use LOCAL)

    CURSOR: Uses the cursor for center, and rotation if Pivot is also set to CURSOR, otherwise cursor rotation is ignored. 

    Operator Change: This is now a new (one, with two modes) operator - remove old hotkeys. (also see general tip below)

    General Hokey Tip:

    If you get a lot of spam in the console output from obsolete/removed operators (not just kekit) this might be due to an old imported keyconfig .

    This file is found here, for example (PC): C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.91\scripts\presets\keyconfig

    Export your newly cleaned up keyconfig (removing old bindings etc) and replace any keyconfig there (backup the old one somewhere first too).

    Update 1.4

    Shading Pie Menu (Update/NEW)

    - Shading options are back! (Rotate Z, alpha, blur etc)

    - Additional option (Shadows)  Keeping it relatively light and focused, as the pies are not persistent, tweaking values is much less annoying in the regular menus/panels. Using this pie menu is meant more for quick toggles of shading settings (that you've already tweaked and saved in your scene/startup)

    - Cleaned up / Aligned the layout a bit

    Operator Change:  Had to make a custom category operator. This means it is the first op that comes with a pre-set hotkey (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-0, which you obviously are meant to change) NOTE: You need to manually remove the old keShading hotkey in prefs if used..  

    Update 1.399

    Snapping Combos (NEW)

    Find In the "Combo" Panel Menu in the kit (renamed O&P combos panel):

    "Store" the current snapping setttings (stores every setting currently in play in the snapping menu, element(s), targets, projection etc.) into 1 of 4 slots.

    Recall (apply) stored settings with "Use" button (for hotkeying), or  the new snapping pie menu.

    Dont forget to save your kekit prefs!

    Snapping Pie Menu v2 (NEW)

    Complete snapping menu (all items) now featured + The 4 Snapping Combo (Use) Buttons.

    Select Boundary +Active (Update)

    Added "Nothing selected = Selects all (if existing) boundary edges" in the object(s) (multi edit-mode supported, btw)

    Update 1.398

    Get & Set, Etc (Fix)

    Broke some stuff with 1.397, fixed.

    Update 1.397

    Get & Set Material (Fix)

    Now works with modifiers (like subd) (again?) 

    Update 1.396

    SubD Toggle (Fix/Update)

    Flatshading option got reversed, fixed.

    New subd's applied with Toggle now also apply the render levels as defined, fixed.

    Added Optimal Display as an option.

    1.396: Added On Cage as an option

               Fixed some spam errors from the subd pie.

    Note: Operator change - Now a view3d op, so it can easily be hotkeyd from the panel.  (you need to remove your old hotkey)

    Update 1.394

    SubD Toggle (NEW)

    Toggles (or sets new if no subd modifier is present) subd viewport levels between current and zero ("off").

    It stores the current level (if not zero) per object so it "remembers" the previous setting.

    (1.394: added Auto-smooth OFF as default for Subd "ON", and Auto-smooth ON for subd "OFF" (zero). + boundary and limit options below)


    Boundary - Set default boundary smooth

    Limit Surface - Set if you want to use limit surface.

    Viewport Level - Default Viewport Subd level - (for new subd mods created).

    Flat Edit  - Sets flat shading when level zero (off) is set, and back to smooth when subd is on.

    Located  in modeling/subd tools. 

    Set Viewport Levels & Render Levels (NEW)

    Quickly set all selected objects subd modifiers to defined levels. Note: The viewport value is also used by Subd Toggle.

    Direct Selection Modes (Fix)

    Now (finally) supports non-mesh geo (that still has an edit mode; Curves etc.) :

    For such objects: Using Direct Vert or Edge or Face sets Edit mode, or toggle with direct Object mode.)

    Future: Assigning "pose mode" and other special modes  to direct edge or face perhaps.

    FitPrim (Fix)

    Added quick n dirty scale compensation for mouse over object mode


    Subd Pie Menu (WIP)

    Some more wip here, with modifier handling and new tools. Still undocumented "early access".

    Update 1.392 

    Mouse Axis Move (Fix)

    Fixed terrible math/code so that Local/Normal modes now work properly. (move, rot & scl)

    Update 1.391

    Mouse Axis Move (New/Update)

    - Added Rotation and Resize variants. 

    - Now works with Objects without an Edit Mode (Empties etc)

    Unrotator 2.0 (Update)

    - Greatly improved, handles more complex ngons and irregular faces. Should work a lot better for all the Trapezoid Enthusiasts (aka Hardsurface artists ;) 

    - Can now use 2 parallel unlinked edges for alignment (for complex or really trash geo) ...and final fallback is ofc 3 vert-selection.

    Straighten (NEW)

    Snap an objects rotation to the nearest 90 degree angles. Or custom degree override in the redo panel.

    Step Rotate Pie Menu (NEW)

    Quickly flip a selection or object ("left" or "right" based on viewport angle relative to obj) in 90,45 or 180 degrees (or custom, in the redo panel)

    Pie menu also includes clear rotation and straighten.  IMAGE.

    Update 1.390

    Mouse Axis Move (New/Update)

    Now supports all Orientation types (except Gimbal) not just Global : 

    Runs Grab with Axis auto-locked based on your mouse movement using recalculated orientation based on the selected Orientation type.

    Note: Not the "current" Orientation, as it must be recalculated; If you set Normal Orientation from a face in Edit Mode and go back to Object Mode it will result in Local being used. Only "fresh" orientations will behave as expected.

    Also: Not "perfect"- some rotations can tricky in local/normal. 

    Operator change: You need to remove the old hotkeys in prefs.

    Mouse Axis Move Dupe (NEW)

    As above, but duplicates selection first. Intended for "drag to copy" operation. For example assigned like THIS.

    Update 1.389

    Copy & Extract & Edit (NEW)

    Macro step for  Extract & Edit, automating duplication.

    Cursor Fit & Align (New/Fix)

    New functionality (nr2) in Object Mode:

    1. Object selected (or not) and pointing at face on object: fits cursor there.

    2. Object selected, but pointing in space: Sets cursor to Objects transform (origin, with rotation).

    3. Object not selected & pointing in space: Resets cursor to world origin.

    Fix: Fit issue in Edit Mode with all polys selected on a cube now works.

    Mouse Flip  & Mouse Mirror (Update)

    Simplified & bugfixed:

    - Cursor Modes:  Now works in global only (regardless of your current set orientation), as a world space offset.

    Operator change: You may need to remove and re-apply hotkeys.

    Overlays Pie Menu (Fix)

    Face orientation toggle works in both Edit & Object mode now

    + Removed context dissolve (blender) & bsnapping piemenus from panel menus, as they are pretty useless.

      (Operators remain for legacy support.)

    Update 1.388

    keKit Prefs v2 (Fix)

    Hotfix for the new file saving system. (Forgot to check with the new ID Materials. Blender arrays needed handling.)

    Also: Fixed the lack of min-max on ID Materials. 

    VPGrab, Rotate & Resize (NEW)

    New options for these:  "Global or Tool"  : Will set VP only when in global transform mode, otherwise launches the transform gizmos. Like so; IMAGE.

    I mostly made if for use with VPRotate (I like the gizmo for more control when in Local, Normal etc)

    Note: The "Auto Global" option will override these too. 

    Update 1.387

    Render Visible (NEW)

    Renders only what is visible in the viewport, regardless of render status checked. Single frame.

    Useful for test-renders etc. especially in complex scenes, so you dont have to juggle settings, just go localmode and render, for example.

    Find here: IMAGE

    Note: This is modal-timer hack, temporarily adjusting render-statuses. Needed for render progress to show. jfyi.

    Mouse Axis Move (NEW)

    A Grab-launcher that selects which axis to lock based on initial mouse movement (like Grab-drag-MMB, without the MMB).

    Then just use Grab as usual, MMB to switch axis etc. Find here: IMAGE

    Note: Works best in Global Transform - currently only checks global axis. Local object space handling maybe in the future.

    ID Materials (NEW)

    12 customizable presets for material masking. Will re-use and apply ID-materials, so you dont have to material manage (just apply).

    Also available in a pie menu, combined with Material Utils (if you have it enabled). Find here: IMAGE  (Pie Menu in Pie-Menu... Menu)

    Notes & Tips on usage: IMAGE

    keKit Prefs v2 (NEW)

    Completely rewrote the file prefs system for JSON storage. The old one was just a temp hack turned into a monster-pain to work with.

    IMPORTANT: This will make your old prefs file incompatible and you will have to re-set your kit prefs.

    Its not that many, really,  just the kit prefs, not hotkeys or anything.

    keKit Add-On Prefs (NEW)

    I will use this space for "Blender Integration" type of settings. First up:

    Modal Color settings - These will set the colors of all the keKit modal tools on-screen text.

    Now you can match the text to your custom Neon Green Theme (etc)  ;)

    Guide / Find here: IMAGE

    Cleaning Tools - Purge Tools (NEW)

    Easy to access button to remove unused data, per category, or the standard Purge All function. Find here: IMAGE

    Quick Measure (UPD)

    - Zooming with mouse wheel is now supported

    Linear Array (UPD)

    - Added new "Global Only" Toggle: Will use Global transform during operation, as well as Apply Rotation.

      This makes for a smoother ride 90% of the time for me.

    - Changed apply to Left Mouse and Right Mouse to cancel (which is more like an undo in this case), to conform to general standard.

    QuadSphere/Fitprim - (FIX))

    Will now be named QuadSphere and not "Box" ;>

    FitPrim (FIX)

    - Fixed same-mesh fitting-between bugs. finally.

    - Fixed 0-index bug. (if not index-integer if not smart...)

    Get & Set Edit Mesh / Materials, Unrotator - Visibility Bugs (FIX)

    These will no longer take invisible objects into account, which caused a lot of issues.

    + Some minor panel button arrangement tweaks.

    Update 1.386

    View Align Selected Toggle (NEW v3)

    New face calculation, works much better with ngons. Re-Added "Frame View" (prob most often the desired view, you can always zoom out for overview)

    New mode: Align to Cursor

    Aligns view to Cursor. Note: Will probably only work well if used in conjunction with Cursor Fit & Align. OR, cursor Z is pointing outwards.

    Important: Operator change - You will need to manually remove old hotkeys and set a new one for View Align Sel.

    + UI View Align keKit panel clean up

    Update 1.385

    View Align Selected Toggle (NEW v2)

    New operator (same name) that does a much better job at aligning the view (in orthographic) in a more useful orientation than previous version.

    (Much improved from vanilla Shift-NUM7)

    Edit Mode: Align View to Active Face OR 3 Vertices OR 2 Edges.

                      Vert & Edge modes are useful for ngons (or more control):  Longest selection angle -> horizontal. (Though sometimes it will align vertically.)

    Object Mode: Obj's Z axis (default Shift-NUM7 functionality used here)

    Then use View Align Selected Toggle again to restore a stored view from before entering aligned view. Thus the 'toggle' part.

    Update 1.384

    View Align Snap (and Contextual) (FIX)

    Some views (for back and right view) got mixed up. All good now.

    Update 1.383

    View Align Snap (NEW)

    Snaps the view to the closest Ortho view.

    View Align Snap Contextual (NEW)

    Combines View Align Selected Toggle:  If anything is selected.  Otherwise just snaps the view to closest ortho.(In the Context Tools Sub-menu) 

    View Align Selected Toggle (Fix)

    Will now always be orthographic when aligned to selected. For max alignment..iness.

    Merge To Mouse (Fix)

    Fixed a bug that failed the operation in certain cases where there were invalid candidates evaluated.

    Update 1.382

    View Align Selected Toggle (NEW)

    Align View to Active Object or Element (Shift-NUM7 + frames selection in ortho) and then restores original view when toggled.

    Ex: VIDEO  (Note: The "Roll" is Shift-NUM4 or 6. I have custom hotkeys though.)

    View Bookmarks (NEW)

    Like cursor bookmarks, but for the viewport camera (the built in one). E.g: Working on a large/complex scene and dont feel like keyframing a camera.

    Stores the full view (more or less) (Ortho/Persp, Distance, Location and Rotation) 

    Get & Set View Pos (NEW)

    A common feature in game engines/editors where "Get" provides a text string representing the current view that you then can copy to clipboard,

    send to a friend/coworker who can paste it in and "Set" to make sure you are looking at the -exact- same place. (Same type of storage as view bookmarks.) (Screenshots and 'travel directions' will only get you so far in a large/complex scene.)

    Located under View Bookmarks IMAGE.

    SUBD Workflow Pie Menu (NEW, WIP)

    Essentials for a simple & efficent SUBD workflow. Still WIP, so more on this later.

    If you want to try "early access" style: Assign pie to hotkey & Start with "Set W-SUB" on a cube - you can figure it out from there.

    Overlay Pie Menu (Fix)

    Backface Culling option now works in Object Mode too.

    Linear Array (Fix)

    Small hotkey fix for  "<" as "Y" alternative.

    Note: You need to assign additional Y-axis entry with "<" key in move: transform modal map, if you want to use this.

    Update 1.381

    Linear Array (Update)

    A few usability updates:

    - Added Imperial units snapping support.

    - Added display of active snapping mode unit type

    - Snapping can now be toggled off with the same snapping buttons (1-4)  5 is removed, shift-tab remains as a toggle.

    - Added '<' as 'Y' axis-lock alternative.

      Tip: '<' is a convinient Y-lock hotkey for many (though not all) non-U.S layouts, as it is right next to Z & X. Ex: IMAGE

    - Changed Release Axis Constraint off hot-key to "C"  to match other modal maps better.

    Triple Connect Spin & Maya Connect (Update)

    Added minor exception check for certain edge cases (sic) to cover a few scenarios, so that it tries 'vert connect pair' if 'vert connect path' fails - before finally failing.

    Update 1.38

    Align To Active (NEW)

    Align selected object(s) to the Active Object's Transforms (loc and rot, you probably want to apply scale most of the time). Not only meshes, but to lights and such too.

    Align Origin To Selected (Update/New)

    New: Changed Object Mode functionality to Align to Active Object (Like Align to Active, for origins only).

    Fixed parenting issue (all aligns should work if obj is parented)

    Swap Places (NEW)

    Swaps placement (transforms) of two selected objects (not exclusive to mesh). (Apply scale if you dont want to swap that too)

    Select Inverted Linked (Fix)

    Changed operation to something less stupid. Now works.

    Align Pie Menu (Update)

    More spacing, added new ops.

    Overlay Pie Menu (Update)

    Added Vertex Weights Display option

    Select/Align Panel Menu (Update)

    Reworked panel with far easier to use layout, esp. with the new align options.

    Shading Pie (Update/Fix)

    Some shading mode options (material preview for instance) caused error spams when using search, and has been commented out. for now.

    Update 1.379 - Linear Array (New)                     

                             Creates an array (sets up a Blender Array Modifier) in a line where instances are spaced automatically between start and end, modo-style. VIDEO

                             Note: Modifier remains active in the stack (though you will have to do changes (maths) there the old fashioned way. (Prob. faster to just redo.)

                             Scale will be applied. Press 'H' when active for all the hotkeys.

                            Context Slide (New)

                            In the Context Tools Menu in the kit panel. For those who feel two taps on G is just one click too many ;)

    Update 1.378 - Context Selection Modes (Fix)

                             Last remaining issues sorted. Also fixed "mouse over mode" (though still limited by view clip and viewport camera positions somewhat).

    Update 1.377 - Context Select / Extend / Deselect (Fix)

                             Finally works with the redo panel. (No longer drops selected loops when redoing). (Reminder: Assign for Dbl-click select (etc.) loops and such)


                             Cursor Fit & Align (Fix)

                             Now works with floater verts. 

                             Context Selection Modes (Fix)

                             Handles non-selection scenarios better (no error msg)


    Update 1.376 - Cursor Bookmarks (New)

                             Submenu in the selections panel that lets you store and recall cursor transforms (location & rotation)

                             Stored in the blend file, so persists between sessions - if you save (PSA: Remember to save your work ;>). Euler only cursor rotation mode for now.

                             FitPrim PieMenu Offsets (Update, Fix)

                             Update: When using the FitPrim pie menu, the placements are now offset so they are (close enough) to the point you clicked to open the pie menu.

                             Fixed: Bad code made it not work on wonky faces. Now  works. (You are likely to get somewhat random size results, but close enough.)


                             Unrotator (2.90 Fix Fix)

                             Buggy 2.91 bug-fix broke 2.9, fixing the fix.

    Update 1.375 - Mouse Mirror (Fix)

                             Fixed Undo crash in Object Mode, improved undo for Edit Mode.

    Update 1.374 - Direct Element Selection Mode (Fix)

                             (These are represented by the icons at the top now since 1.373) No longer throws an error when selection is without an active object.

                             Get & Set Edit Mode (Fix)

                             Local view will only select visible objects.

                             Unrotator (2.91 Fix)

                             Early 2.91 compatibility fix: It will now work in 2.91. (On the latest Beta at least.) 

    Update 1.373 - FitPrim Object Mode (New/Update)

                             Object Mode: Mouse over object will size & align object to face under mouse (1cm cap for now) or unit size when over nothing. VIDEO.

                             Note: Size is a simpler operation in object mode (the sq.root of the face area). Use edit mode (make object) if you need more precision.

                            +Bug fix: Make Object mode will no longer reset cursor pos to world center.


                             Select Geo by Vert Edges (New)

                             Selects geo by the amount of edges (1 vert (Loose) = 0 edges, 1 edge (Loose) = 1 edge, etc. up to Ngons (5+)  Placed under Cleaning Tools menu.

                             Unrotator (Fix)

                             Place Object Duplicates Mode no longer reset the original objects rotation. 

                             Kit Panel UI (Update)

                             Compacted UI a lot, turned some buttons into icons, and compacted space.

                             Removed Items: Blender default buttons (Show Extras, Object Wireframe) as I never use these (just use hotkeys/piemenus) as well as Box.

                                                        Note: The operator is still included, but not displayed in the panel. 


    Update 1.372 - Select Invert Linked (New)

                             Invert selection, but only on connected/linked geo (Edit Mode).

                             Quick Measure Freeze Mode (New) + Updates

                             A new mode that starts in saved selection mode for quicker measured adjustments.

                             Note: Operator changed. You probably need to manually remove old QM-hotkeys before use.

                             UI cleaned up with a Help Mode, hiding the onscreen hotkeys until help is on (by pressing 'H'). IMAGE.


                             Select Collinear Verts (Update)    

                             Added info report & Switch to vert mode if collinear verts are found. 


                             Set & Align Cursor (Fix)

                             Restores scene cursor mode after operation (no longer stays in quaternion mode)


                             Kit Panel UI layout (Update)

                             Getting too crowded: Added more subpanels (Select & Align). Moved Macro Mesh Cleaner into its own panel.


                             Focus Mode & Super Focus Mode (Fix)

                             Now takes the new stats info into account.

    Update 1.371 - Get & Set Edit Mode - Quick  fix to not deselect current mesh as active.

    Update 1.37:  Macro Mesh Cleaner (New)

                           Runs all the relevant(imho) selected clean up operations in one click. IMAGE

                           Works in Edit & Object mode (with multiple selected objects in Object mode)

                           Select Collinear Verts (New)

                           Separate selection operator (derived from Macro Mesh Cleaner) to select collinear verts.

                           Zero Scale (Updates)

                            - Horizontal & Vertical Modes will use Global snapping (temporarily: you retain current Orientation & Pivot)

                            - Added Zero Scale Cursor Mode (in the Pie & Panel Menu. Replacing the panel item.) IMAGE

                           Mouse Mirror Cursor Mode (Update)

                           Changed the Cursor Mode behaviour: Will now use cursor location & rotation as offset. IMAGE

                           Also works in object mode: The cursor pos will be the origin point -This may or may not change. TBD.

                           Cursor Fit & Align (Update)

                           Added toggle-checkbox in the panel menu for the automatic orienation & pivot to cursor change. 

                           Context Edge Delete/Dissolve (Update)

                           Reverted to default behaviour (Dissolve with vert dissolve). Prob for the best. 

                           Direct Slide Cut (Update)

                           Renamed items in panel and updated mouse over info. No functionality change.

                           Quick Scale (Update)

                           Moved to sub-panel. No functionality change. Getting crowded in here...

                           Frame All or Selected (Update)

                           Now works with Curves and Surfaces/NURBS.


                           ViewPlane Contextual Tools (Update)

                           VPGrab etc. now works with Curves and Surfaces/NURBS.


    Update 1.365: CopyPlus

                            New operator for Copy+ and Paste+, adding Cut+ function, to quickly copy elements to another object. It stores the elmenents in a                                                            temporary cache (an unlinked collection): You don't have to worry about messing with the source object(s) anymore, and it is not visible in the scene                                  outliner. Not stored between sessions/blender restart. NOTE: 'New operator' means you will have to manually clear and re-apply any hotkeys you might                              have used for the previous CopyPaste+ operator. VIDEO.

                            Context Dissolve/Delete Edge:

                            'Context Delete Edge' is now Dissolve Edges (with verts) which is how i prefer edge "deleting" to work, and                                                                                                    'Context Dissolve Edge' will Dissolve Edge (leaving verts) but with a limited dissolve (to remove remaining colinear verts if                                                                             possible without breaking the mesh structure.)

                            Overlays Pie Menu

                            Renamed "Outline" to "Selection Outline" and added "Object Outline" (from viewport shading).

    Update 1.364 - Added FitPrim Pie Menu: Options for both Edit & Object creation right there in the pie menu. Pie Menus Overview Image updated. (not all up2date).

                             FitPrim QuadSphere: Now uses subdivided cube macro instead of extra objects add-on, no more extra-objects issues and no dependencies.                                             Paste+ Update: Now selects pasted mesh.

                             Merge To Mouse:  Reverted to raycasting in Orthographic view.  Only special case is Quad View, which uses "Merge To Last".

    Update 1.363 - Unrotator: Un-fixed the 2.83 fix, as the issue was fixed/reverted in 2.9, it seems. So now it works in 2.9. Good times.

                             Merge To Mouse: When in Orthographic view or Quad View now just runs built-in "Merge To Last". (Actual raycasting fix, TBD).

                             Mouse Mirror: Inverted mesh issues fixed.

    Update 1.362  - Extract & Edit added - Simple macro to separate mesh selection into new object, set as active object, and enter edit mode.

                            - FitPrim QuadSphere 2.9 Undo bug + Auto smooth bug fixed
                            - Direct Cut fix (default mode) : will issue info message that no suitable edge was found under the mouse instead of error message.

                            - Mouse Mirror (default mode) Orientation bug fix, Active mode offset bug fixed

    Update 1.361 - ZeroScale 2.9 bug fixed. Now works in 2.9

    Update 1.36 - Quick Scale added. Rescales the object/selected elements to specifiec size, in specified axis, with unit scaling or not. No need to apply transforms.

                        - Quick Measure: Added Round-Snap feature. Will snap the mesh to nearest cm in meters, as specified by the on-screen instructions in the tool.

                                                     Other scene units, like feet or micrometers, may work in a similar fashion - untested: It just rounds to nearest second decimal.

                         - Direct Loop Cut:  Changed functionality - the default mode (*not* DC & Slide)  will now ignore edge-selection when the mouse is over the mesh.

                                                          Slicing selected edge/edges (multi-edge slicing) will work as before when the mouse is not over the selected mesh.

    Update 1.351   - Fixed Context Bevel issues due to API change in 2.90
                             - Context Dissolve: Edges dissolve now combo with limited normal dissolve;  Dissolves verts too, except corner verts.

                                                              (Not exactly, but a bit more like 'remove edges' in Modo.)
                             - Quick Measure: Fixed (2.9 changed) text readability.

    Update 1.35 - ZeroScale added. Scales selected elements to axis nearest screen -vertical- (or horizontal, in snapalign pie menu) Active Element for pos. Else; average.

                                             ZeroScale VIDEO.  

                          - Snap-Align Pie Menu added. All the "snap" pie menu items + ZeroScale variants and some cursor and origin align tools from the kit.

                                                                 Note: I use this as a replacement for the default snap pie menu.

                          - Fixed bugs in Frame all or Selected (context tools) which sometimes did not "frame all" with nothing selected. (now works with active only)
                          - Shading Pie - added toggles for cavity & specular

                          - ..maybe one more unrotator bug fixed, cant rememeber, and my notes just say "vertex". smh.

    Update 1.342 - Unrotator: Bugfixed - "Rotation Offset" now works consistently in all modes (and not if you move the camera, reminder added also (in redo panel)) 

                                               "Center to Face" - now works consistently, but not in the redo panel (only available in the main menu). also, auto-reset no longer necessary if                                                hotkeys are setup correctly, so option is removed.

                            +Redo-panel column views for Align Center to selection etc.

    Update 1.34 - VP Duplicate & Move: New  macro that uses VPGrab. Works in Edit & Object mode. (In context sub-menu. Intended as "duplicate & move" replacement) 

                           Bridge Or Fill: Added Face-Add mode - 3+ Verts selected in vert mode, or 2 connected edges (like a corner) in edge mode, makes poly. 

                           Align Origin(s) to Selection: New macro of Align&Fit Cursor + Origin to Cursor. +Restores cursor loc/rot to same as before.


    Update 1.33 - Quick Measure: Freeze-Selection Mode added, Unit formatting, bugs fixed. VIDEO. 

                           Snapping Pie:  Incremental Snapping now sets 'Absolute Grid' when selected.

    Update 1.322 - FitPrim: Fixed face mode selection bug(s) - Should now work with all selections as advertised.

                             Unrotator: Added Undo/F9 options - "rotation offset" and "center on face". 

                                                In Object mode these only work when "Object Place Only (no snapping)" is checked in the kit panel.

    Update 1.321 - FitPrim: Fixed context bug (when using "make object" when already in object mode)

    Update 1.32Cursor Fit & Align: Fixed much better edge fitting. Added new 3-vert selection fitting routine for precise fit in any situation.

                            View Plane Transforms (VPGrab, VPRotate & VPResize): Launches the tools with the current view plane set. (I mostly use it for rotate) VIDEO.

                            Triple Connect Spin:  Fixed nothing selected error. Added options per selection mode.

                            Origin to Cursor: Added options to set only location, rotation or both.

                            keSnapping Pie Menu:  Added "Center" (that I forgot) to the options. Pie Menus Overview Image updated.

                            bSnapping Pie Menu: New pie menu; straight copy of the blender snapping panels as (contextual) pie colums.

                            keOverlays Pie Menu: Added Object Wireframe toggle.

                           Get & Set Material: Added Offset launch option for use in Pie Menus. Instructions here.


    Update 1.31 - Quick Measure: Grab (translate), Resize(scale) and Rotate now avaiable while QM is running. VIDEO. Note: Only updates on release. 

                                                       Now also allows all modifiers (ctrl, alt, shift) passthrough as well as XYZ (and <). Faster text drawing. Manual update mode removed.

                           Context Select Bugfix: no longer errors when no valid objects are selected.

                           keOverlay Pie Menu Update: Rearranged to also fit Show Cursor and Show Origins. 

                           New keShading Pie Menu: The regular shading pie but with useful contextual extras:  Pie Menus Overview Image. 

                           Ground or Center Update: Added Center XY and Ground Y mode.  Added Raycast option: VIDEO.  Selection is retained post operation.

                           FitPrim Update: Big bugfix, face-fitting now works properly (again)! Also, added hotkey-option "make object" for alternative itemizing hotkey. VIDEO.

                           Origin(s) to Selection Update: Now also works in Object mode : Centers to center mass.

    Update - Paint select setup. Just so I dont cause any headaches ;>  My tutorial pic now reflects what I learned: The radius should just be set to 1. (pic updated)

    Update 1.301 - Ground or Center - bug fix, or: Now actually has an Edit Mode function (grounds all selected to Z0). Multi-Mesh mode supported for Object & Edit.

                            Align Origin(s) to Cursor - bug fix (works when run in Edit mode too now)

    Update 1.3    - New scripts: Bounding Box, Convex Hull, Fit 2 Grid, Align Origin(s) to CursorAlign & Fit Cursor rewrite. Focus Mode & Super Focus Mode.

                            All pretty self-explanatory.

                            New pie menus added: Two Fit2Grid preset pies. Overlay Pie, with new Edge Overlay toggle script, and focus mode scripts.

                            Orientation & Pivot Pie, combines the two lists + opc quick access.

                            Bugfix and changes: Unrotator - "Invert Rotation" now flips the rotation (as expected); the 2.83+ bugfix is automatic under the hood.

                            Menu now has a modeling sub-panel for easier area managment.  

                            Video demo HERE.

                            NOTE: Dont forget to restart Blender after (re)installing! Required for some scripts.

    Update 1.294 - Mouse Over Select & Set Mode fixed bugs, Align & Fit Cursor last bug fixed!

    Update 1.291 - Align & Fit Cursor - Rotation align now works on edge and verts normals too. No selection resets cursor. (saving me a hotkey)  

                            Mouse Over Select & Set Mode - A small failsafe added for edit mode: changes element mode even if raycast fails.

    Update 1.290 - Itemize fix: Now works with sub-collections.

    Update 1.289 -Unrotator: Fixed one (stupid) bug for index 0 faces. Added "Invert Rotation" toggle, intended for 2.83 and up (makes it work, useless otherwise).

                            TBD what changed from <2.82, but, this works for now. save invert prefs as needed.

    Update 1.288 - Fixed fresh install bug, should be installable on all versions of Blender now !  (2.83 beta and 2.90 Alpha included.) 

                             Note: I do not support anything but the current stable release by default. jfyi ;)

    Update 1.287 - Updated Quick Measure: Massive speed-boost, probably can remove manual update mode  (leaving it in for now).

                             Note: Select action required - paint select combo selection (as my setup above) will only update on discrete select clicks.

                             Also added colored axis lines, cyan single lines, and bbox colors changed to not clash with the default "selection orange".

    Update 1.286 - Added Quick MeasureContextual selection measurement tool.  See 1.286 video here.

                             Added Mouse Over Select & Set Mode on Mode change option for Mode Selects.

                             Unrotator - bugfixed (no selected item issue), added snapping default option.

                             Get & Set Edit Mode - bugfix (no longer switches to edit mode if nothing is under the mouse).

                             Merge To Mouse - Bugfix (Triangulated mesh issues)

                             Ground - Added Item mode (uses objects bounding box)  - Operator category change -> Any assigned hotkey needs update. Sry!

                             ...And probably some other minor fix I forgot to note.

    Update 1.285 - Added MouseFlip & MouseMirror v1.0 - Flips or mirrors selection relative to mouse position. Note:Object mode is a bit wip, esp. cursor mode.

                             Functions like the Modo versions, but with Active Element & cursor options instead of Workplane. See old video here.  Blender video TBD.

                             Also Added SpaceToggle. Toggle Edit & Object mode when mouse is over nothing.  (intended for dual mapping on mouse button mapping)

    Update 1.281 - Merge to Mouse -  "Merge-To" Edge Mode added. Video here.

    Update 1.28 -  Prefs file now placed in "Scripts" folder for easier updates (no need to backup prefs each kit update, only for Blender versions)

                            Probably works better with non-standard add-on paths too. (untested)

                            Merge to Mouse - When in edge mode now runs the (blender default) edge collapse (merge) tool. For now...

    Update 1.271 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - Really Fixed. Hopefully for the last time now, should not crash anymore.

    Update 1.26 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - More Fixed. (Bmesh bug should be good now...edit: Nope!)

    Update 1.25 - Direct Loop Cut (& Slide) - Fixed. Now slices both directions, and works when start edge is on boundary edges.

    Update 1.24 - Added Direct Loop Cut (& Slide). Added new Preferences system. Added new Orientation & Pivot Combo Operators. Better menu context display.

                           And some bugfixes; Itemize should not get stuck on copy, View Fit works better, and other things I forgot. 

                           Again, some hotkeys may need redoing then, sorry about that ;)    Video update on youtube-channel.

    Update 1.23  - Added Spheres & Object modes to FitPrim. Note: I changed operator context, so any hotkeys will be void and needs to be re-applied. Sorry about that.                            Also - Added F2 mode to Bridge or Fill (mouse-over instructions). Could be a suitable F hotkey replacement now? Maybe. 

                            New script: Frame All or Selected  (mouse-over instructions) Video update on youtube-channel.

    Update 1.22  - First bugfix! ;>  Get&Set Material issue where a material is not properly linked, so the setting was lost at blender reload. Now fixed!

    Update 1.21  - First public release. A lot of focus on contextual scripts ( double-click edge-loops and selections, bevel tool by type etc)

                           Most scripts are pretty self explanatory - mouse hover over the menu for instructions.

                           Video demonstration of the more complex scripts here  



    Q:  "What is it?" 

    A:  The kit is a collection of my scripts for Blender 2.8+.  For people only used to the Blender ecosystem, or new to these things in general; a "script" is equivalent to a single-purpose add-on, more or less, and the "kit" is a collection of these. An add-on with lots of add-ons, if that helps.

    Q: "But what does everything do? Where is the documentation?"

    A:  WIKI 

    Q: "Why are you making it?"

    The primary purpose, for me, is to optimze my workflow (a lot of "click-reduction") whilst also exploring add-on development for Blender, and doing it the way I like it. I don't focus too much on modifier-workflows, as there are already a lot of add-ons that are more focused on those areas (like Hardops, Fluent, Speedflow etc.)

    Q: "Did you know this and that add-on does something similar?"

    I do try to just look for other existing add-ons to use at first. Sometimes succesfully, but, sometimes it is not really what I want and I just do my own thing - Usually because the alternative is not exactly right or too complex / clicky (for me).

    And sometimes I just dont find existing add-ons that might have sufficed. Such is life. 

    Q: "Why is it free/donation ware?"  (ok I added this, no one ever asked ;> )

    I'm mostly doing it for myself, but it is nice to see other people finding what you do useful. It is not a commercial project for me and to be honest, I do not want to be beholden to "customers" for the kit. That said, I do appreciate every donation I recieve - it does give me a little extra motivation.