What is keKit?

  • keKit provides options for tweaking Blender for speed & custom workflows.
  • The add-on contains dozens & dozens of scripts; tools, macros and pie-menus etc. in an all-in-one collection.
  • At your discretion: Use what you want - the rest will be there if/when you need them! 

How do I use it?

Download & Install

Check the download page for download & installation instructions (link in the side panel, or here).

Note: That page also contains the latest release log, for the most up to date changes.

Manage your own Hotkeys

As many of the scripts are often intended to replace default hotkeys, there is no hotkey map.

Such solutions are common with other (more special purpose) add-ons, but this is not feasible for a general hotkey map. The core idea here is that you manage your own customization.

Some features require mouse position or other viewport action, so I recommend assigning a temporary (unused) hotkey for features you want to try out first.

  • Mouse-hover over each script in the kit in Blender for tool-tip description pop-ups.
  • Right Mouse Button Menu to set hotkeys on kit panel items.


Main Panel


Saves current kit settings to a JSON file in your user folder /scripts.  Global, persistent and transferrable.

You also have Add-on preferences (Blender Preferences / Add-ons / keKit) where some Blender integration options will be found. E.g: Colors on keKit modal operator text, for example.

Copy & Paste Ops

Cut+, Copy+ and Paste+ will temporarily store elements so you can quickly cut+/copy+ them into another mesh in Edit Mode with paste+ (or the same mesh if you like). VIDEO

Extract&Edit, Copy&Extract&Edit - Cut/copy elements into a new Object set in Edit Mode.

Itemize, DupeItemize - Cut/copy elements into a new Object using the Active Face or Active Edge for rotation (as new bottom). VIDEO

Direct Mode Switching

Direct Mode Switch - Go directly to Vertex, Edge, Face or Object mode, regardless if currently in Edit or Object Mode.

(Hotkey ex: 1,2,3,4)

Mouse Over Option - For DMS; Select & switch to desired mode on any mesh you hover the mouse over.

Space Toggle - Switches Edit & Object Mode when the mouse is over nothing (empty viewport area).  

Get & Set Ops

Get & Set Edit Mode - Selects object under the mouse pointer and switches selection to Edit Mode.


Get & Set Material - Grabs material from any object's face under the mouse pointer and applies it to the current selection. VIDEO

Render Visible

Render only what is currently visible in the viewport - Regardless of outliner object render toggle.

(Temporarily sets render-toggles & uses a modal-timer hack to enable visible render progress.)

Quick Measure

Contextual Measurement Tool by type of selection. VIDEO

Vertex - Two modes: BBox dimensions of selection or                          Distance between 2 verts.

Edge -    Each Edge's length and combined length.

Face -    BBox dimensions of selection.

XY Area: Displayed in BBox dimension modes.

Round Snap: Built in snapping feature.

Freeze Mode: Stores selection for partial changes to whole.

QM FreezeMode - QM starts in freeze mode. VIDEO

Select & Align Panel

Cursor Fit & Align

Edit Mode :Snap Cursor to selected elements and orient it to FACE/VERT/EDGE normal.

No selection = Cursor reset
Object Mode:

1. Align to Object Face under mouse pointer.

2. Align to Objects Origin (Loc & Rot) if object is selected but mouse pointer is over nothing.

3. No object selected and mouse is over nothing resets Cursor to World Origin.

Option : O&P Toggle - Sets Orientation & Pivot to Cursor.


Also availabe in pie menu.

Align Object(s)

Align selected Object(s) Location/Rotation to:

- Cursor  (Cursor Fit & Align recommended)

- Active Object


Align Origin(s)

Align selected objects' origin Location/Rotation to:

- Cursor (Edit & Object Mode)

- Selection: Selected element normal (Edit Mode)

- Sel.Loc: Selection Location average (Edit & Object Mode)

Align View

Align the viewport to:

- Cursor : Orthographic. Toggle (Run again to restore view)

  (Cursor Fit & Align recommended for correct rotation)

- Selected : (Active) Orthographic. Toggle (Run again to restore view)

  ("Align View To Active" SHIFT-NUM7 replacement)  

- Ortho Snap : Snaps view to nearest Ortho View. No toggle.

  (Just rotate view off ortho)

Swap Places

Swap places (transforms) for two objects. loc, rot & scale. (Apply scale first if you dont want to swap scales.)

Select Boundary+

Select Boundary ('region_to_loop') op that also sets one edge to Active. (Handy for scripts that need an Active edge.)

Select Inverted Linked

Inverts Edit Mode element selection - only on connected / linked mesh geo.

Cursor Bookmarks

Store Cursor - Saves Cursor Loc & Rot into slot.

Use Cursor - Uses stored Cursor Loc & Rot from slot.

View Bookmarks

Store View - Saves current View transform into slot.

Use View- Uses stored View transform from slot.

Get View- Grabs current View transform (to input slot)

View Input - Copy/Paste View data. Mail your coworker.

Set View- Applies View transform (from input slot)

Modeling Panel

Merge To Mouse

Vert & Face Mode: Merge selected vertices to the selected (or edgelinked) vert closest to the Mouse Pointer.  VIDEO

Edge Mode: Collapse selected edges to edge(s) closest to the Mouse Pointer. VIDEO

Ground or Center

Ground or Center selected elements or objects. Select process in redo panel ->


Custom Z: Set custom Z-pos as ground.

Raycast: Stops on collision down the Z axis. VIDEO 


Removes beveled corners on meshes on non-continous edge loop(s). VIDEO


Scales selection to zero (flatten on Z axis) using the cursor for location and rotation (Cursor Fit & Align recommended) IMAGE

Other ZeroScale variants are available in the pie menu.

Direct Loop Cut

SLIDE: Cut edge loop(s) at mouse pointer or at edge-center(s) on selected *if mouse is over nothing*

(and then slide)
Limit slice: Ring-edges selected on 1 ring.

DIRECT: Instant at pointer or multi-ring slice if over nothing.
Otherwise ignores selected elements, just cut away. (=No limit slice in this mode.)

VIDEO (Note: Changes to non-slide direct mode)

BBox & Convex Hull

BBox: Generate mesh for the selection's Bounding Box.

Convex Hull: Generate a convex hull mesh for the selection.


Fit 2 Grid

Snap each vert in selection to nearest grid position.

Define grid spacing to use

Fit2Grid pie menus are available with preset grid sizes.

Linear Array

Creates an array modifier in a line where instances are spaced automatically between start and end (where you point the mouse).

Global Only option: Set Global transform & applies rotation.



Unrotates geo using active element as new 'bottom'


Places selection to face normal/position on other mesh or object under mouse pointer (if different geo than selected)

Object Mode: Resets rotation or places on mouse over.

Note: Rotation tweak (redo-panel) will not work if you move the viewport camera



Creates (unit or unit+height) box or cylinder primitive based on element selection. (or face under mouse in Object Mode)

Vert Mode:  Fits *along* 2 Selected verts.

Edge Mode: Fits *inbetween* selection/s.

Face Mode:  Fits *on* selection/s."



Default: BBox Flip(resize) selection based on relative global mouse position

Active: Flip using active element normal (does not need mouse)

Cursor: Flip with mouse relative to the cursor as a Global offset. (Loc only)


Default: BBox Mirror(resize) selected geo or object using global mouse pos relative to the selection.

Active/World: Mirror from Active-element normal. Object mode will use World Origin.
Cursor: Flip with mouse relative to the cursor as a Global offset. (Loc only)

Quick Scale

Set dimension (in current scene unit). Unit sized from chosen axis. Obj & Edit mode (selection)

E.g: Selected model needs to be exactly 1.835m on Z. Enter into length and hit Z (with unit size option on to avoid stretch).

ID Materials Panel

ID Materials

Applies ID Material to Object(s) / Faces. Common baking utility. Notes: IMAGE

Also available in materials pie menu

Cleaning Tools Panel

Macro Mesh Clean

All the important cleaning operations in one click.

Customize options ->
Note: Edit or Object mode (also multiple objects)


Purge Tools

Purge specific unused data blocks - or All

Cleaning Selection Tools

Select collinear verts (Edit Mode)

Select geo by vert count in selected Object(s) in Edit or Object Mode. (Note: Ngons are 5+)

Context Tools Panel

Context Bevel

Launches appropriate bevel tool by selection mode:

VERTS: Vertex bevel Tool

EDGES: Edge bevel

FACES: Inset. Has Ctrl-drag to extrude (effectively "Extrude Faces Along Normal" Tool)

Context Extrude

Launches appropriate extrude tool by selection mode:

VERTS: Vertex Extrude

EDGES: Edge Extrude

FACES: Face Extrude Normal (Region)

Context Delete

Deletes elements by type by selection mode.


Context Dissolve

Dissolves elements by type by selection mode.


Context Select

Performs different selection by selection mode:

EDGES: Loop select 

POLYS: Linked select

VERTS: Select Border Edges on mesh, or Linked Select if no borders.

Intended for Double-click LMB: Assign dbl-click in preferences / hotkeys

Bridge or Fill

Bridge, except when ONE continous border edge-loop is selected: Grid Fill.
F2 mode: 1 EDGE or 1 VERT selected
Face Add Mode: with two edges (sharing a vert) or 3+ verts in vert mode.

Maya Connect

Edge / Face Mode selection: Subdivide

Vert Mode selection: Connect Verts

Triple Connect Spin

Vert Mode selection:  Connect Verts (smart path or pair)

Edge Mode selection: Spin Edges

Face Mode selection:  Triangulate

Frame All or Selected

Frame selection in View, or everything if nothing is selected

Context Slide

Alternative one-click option for double-G slide.

View Align Snap Contextual

View Align Selected Toggle if anything is selected - Otherwise just snaps the view to closest ortho (View Align Ortho Snap). 

Mouse Axis Move / Dupe

Runs Grab with Axis auto-locked based on your mouse movement using recalculated orientation based on the selected Orientation type (except Gimbal).

Note: Not the "current" Orientation, as it must be recalculated; If you set Normal Orientation from a face in Edit Mode and go back to Object Mode it will result in Local being used. Only "fresh" orientations will behave as expected.

Also: Not "perfect"- some rotations can tricky in local/normal. 

Dupe: Duplicates selection first. Intended for "drag to copy" operation. For example, hotkey assigned like THIS.

ViewPlane Contextual


▢ Grab Rotate or Resize with View Planes auto-locked based on your viewport rotation. VIDEO

VDupeMove - duplicates selection before running Grab.


Auto Global: Will always set Global transform.

Note: Overrides Global or Tool.

Global or Tool, runs

▢ Grab Rotate or Resize in auto locked view plane (like VPGrab etc.) when in Global transform - otherwise launches default transform tool. IMAGE

Orientation & Pivot Combos

Set up 4 combo-operators that will set Orientation & Pivot to your most commonly used combinations.

O & P Operator (Assign Hotkey and/or use in pie menu)

Set Orientation & Pivot for OPC1 Object Mode.

Set Orientation & Pivot for OPC1 Edit Mode.

Pie Menu Panel

ke Pie Menus

Custom Pie Menus that either expands (and replaces) the default Blender counterparts, or tool-specific pie menus.

(old) VIDEO

Blender Default Pie Menus

Mainly to contrast & compare and hotkey reference.

[ Click pie menu thumbnails below for larger view ]


Snapping layout using built in snapping tools with an options panel +

Element Mix Combo: Verts, Edge, Edge Midpoints & Face snapping.


1cm to 1m preset values for Fit 2 Grid

keFit2Grid Micro

1micrometer to 1cm preset values for Fit 2 Grid


Orientation & Pivot panels + OPC combo slot 1-4


Shading pie replacement with extra options for quick access.


Viewport shading pie for quick access.

All Edge Overays: Toggles the 4 edge shading modes at once. 

All Overlays: Toggles all overlay options on or off.

Fous/Super Focus Mode: Toggles all overlays and UI on or off.

(old) VIDEO


Snap menu replacement with more functionality.

+ Cursor Fit & Align

+ Align Origin to Selected / Cursor

+ Aign Object to Active / Cursor

+ Swap Places

+ Zero Scale V / H / Normal / Cursor:

Scales selected elements to axis nearest screen vertical or horizontal. Normal: Using active element as basis. Or cursor.



Pie Menu for FitPrim operator


Menu for ID Materials combined with Material Utils menu (if you have the Material Utils add-on enabled)

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